Thin-Skinned Liberals Can Dish It Out, But They Can’t Take It

Apparently, liberals don’t like it when tlevision shows make fun of their foibles. Critics at the New York Waste of Times, NPR,  and the San Francisco Chronicle gave pretty sour reviews of the new comedy The Goode Family, which pokes fun at a family of leftist, environmentally correct vegans. Sure, it’s okay to make fun of Christians, gun owners, and people who live in flyover country… but don’t you dare pick on people who shop at Whole Foods!

The Myth of Five Million Green Jobs

Unsurprisingly, the five million jobs promised by the Magician in Chief turn out to be primarily running unicorn ranches and harvesting fairy dust. Global Warming is the Nigerian Email scam of mass politics. And the Magician in Chief’s energy policy is based on repealing the second and third laws of Thermodynamics.

San Diego Imitates Red China

A homeowner is harassed by the county authorities and threatened with fines for letting a dozen people hold a Bible study group in their home. This in the city where ACLU-Taliban worked diligently to destroy a cross that was in public view and deny the Boy Scouts the right to use a park the Boy Scouts had built themselves. Actually, the Chinese are slightly more tolerant of Christians than the county of San Diego, the Chinese government permits Bible Study Groups of up to 25 people.

Gaydar” is added to the Oxford English Dictionary

My gaydar is Soviet Era; I can’t detect anything less flaming than Perez “Fleet’s In” Hilton.

Obamalogic: Israelis building houses are exactly as evil as Palestinians blowing up children. The world has cast off from the shores of sanity.

Conspiracy Theorists Move On from “911 Was an Inside Job”

Latest conspiracy involves the voting in American Idol. Apparently, the same people who are oblivious to Chairman Zero’s catastrophic deficits and endemic Chicago Style corruption are very much in a lather because the less effeminate singer won.

And finally,California teachers may be expensive (highest paid in the country) but you can’t argue with the results.

unhapy abowt the gay marridge rooling

also iz unhapy abowt the gay marridge rooling

Actually, you’re not allowed to argue with the results. That would make you a racist hater.


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  1. The Doktor

    Seems as if it’s been more like ‘No Education for Students!’

    This is precious. You can’t make this stuff up. It reminds me of years ago when Jay Leno took his ‘Street Walking’ camera to a college graduation and asked the new graduates questions about history, the government, current events – information they should know. It was pitiful. Just pitiful.

    I have always told my kids that they have it made because 1) They are smart, 2) They paid attention and learned, and 3) They have ambition. No wonder their yearly state test score results were always in the upper 2% of the state. I am guessing that it is not the same with the guy holding the sign in this picture.

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