The ACLU: America’s Taliban

Post by Gregory of Yardale

The ACLU is on a jihad against any public expression of faith. Their current focus is tearing down War Memorials that feature Christian crosses.  I am reminded of another group of people who set out to destroy religious symbols they didn’t approve of.

The Taliban/ACLU approach to religious expression.

The Taliban/ACLU approach to religious expression.


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4 responses to “The ACLU: America’s Taliban

  1. don

    lol what?

    So because the ACLU are not particularly religious they are like the taliban.

    I Suggest learning to read dude.

    • No, it is because the ACLU want to destroy the public display of religious symbols they don’t agree with that the ACLU are like the Taliban. It is because the ACLU has no tolerance for those who believe differently than they do that they are like the Taliban. It is because the ACLU are extremists who seek to impose their will on people and punish those who don’t follow their secularist beliefs that they are like the Taliban.

      Learn to think, and punctuate, dude.

  2. yes, that is it

    huh huh huhuhuhuhuh huh.

    u sure understand the ACLU’s motives

  3. The Doktor

    ”They are not the enemy; they are just dead wrong,” says Joe Davis, spokesman for the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

    With all due respect to the VFW and their spokesguy, I believe that since Communism and Socialism have been enemies of our Constitutional system of government for quite some time (disregarding, of course, our current Socialist antagonistic Hussein administration) that the ACLU – being Socialist and Communist for decades – IS the enemy.

    And Gregory has the analogy spot on, Don. People who ignore, or are ignorant of, history cannot see it being repeated. We’re out here raising and waving the flags of imminent danger and we have to deal with the Ignorant Masses – the ones who have allowed this country to be taken over. You know, Kos Kids and Olbermanniacs.

    Don’t think so? ”Learn to read”, Dude. Start with a website that brings all of the lies of the current ruler’s propaganda wing, the media, into the light of day (truth) –

    The Doktor

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