Public Employee Unions Are a Gun Pointed at the Taxpayer’s Head

Post by Gregory of Yardale

California faces a massive deficit, which Paul Krugman blames on Republicans for not raising California’s stratospheric tax rates even higher. Michelle Malkin points out that a lot of California state employees aren’t exactly living in poverty.

“Special Nurse:” $350,000+

Municipal railway manager: $325,000+

“Administrative services” department head: $280,000+

“Special Nurse?” She must be pretty damned special. The last time I knew a “Special Nurse” who got paid $175 an hour, she was stripping at a bachelor party to “Superfreak.”

Commenter Tonyr951 notes:

In tax year 2007, the State of California had more than 38,000 full-time employees with total pay over $100,000. More than 100 state workers earned more than $100,000 just in overtime pay.

The Sacramento Bee, the same paper that previously taunted taxpayers for voting against the massive tax increases necessary to fund those salaries (plus the pension and retirement benefits that go with them) published a list of the most well-compensated employees of the University of California system. I don’t know what a PROFESSOR-MEDCOMP-A is, but there seems to be an awful lot of them pulling in 500G’s. Wasn’t MEDCOMP-A that bald guy on Star Trek Voyager? The SacBee also found a lot of well-compensated workers outside the U of C system. I’m wondering what a “Staff Psychiatrist (Safety)” does to earn his 300-400 K salary and why there are so darned many of them? “Tell me, how does holding a handrail make you feel?”

One thing’s for sure, none of these people are going to get laid off. The state will lay off cops and schoolteachers, because that’s how they coerce the public into subsidizing the salaries of “Special Nurses” and “Staff Safety Psychiatrists.”

Sure she's a nurse, but is she a "Special Nurse"

Sure she's a nurse, but is she a "Special Nurse"



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3 responses to “Public Employee Unions Are a Gun Pointed at the Taxpayer’s Head

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  3. abr

    You might have done a little more research on this. The “special nurse” is a part-time employee (a man, incidentally) who has seniority at the prison. He takes advantage of that to get first dibs on overtime when there are staff shortages. On average, he worked 16 hours/day according to his supervisor (must not have much of a home life, I guess). You should feel good that, as a part-timer, he doesn’t get benefits.

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