The Ridge-Powell Strategy Is a FAIL for Republicans

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Post by Gregory of Yardale

The liberal wing of the Republican party in the personages of Colin Powell, Tom Ridge, and Arlen Specter have become darlings of the Mainstream Media by denouncing the conservative wing of the Republican Party. In their view, the Republican Party needs to adopt the positions of the Democrat Party on abortion, higher taxes, bigger government, illegal immigration, and environmentalism. In other words, it needs to emulate Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose similar policies have led California to the brink of bankruptcy.

The media aren’t going to ask Tom Ridge or Colin Powell (who endorsed Barack Obama and thought leaving Saddam Hussein in power was a good idea at the end of Gulf War 1) the obvious questions, so I’m going to.

First question: Why would people who are voting Democrat on those issues already switch to the the Republican party?

Second question: Why would people who vote *against* Democrats on those issues vote for a Republican Party that adopted the identical positions as the Democrat party?

Third question: Even if Republicans did win under those conditions, what would be the point? The same policies would be in government, there would just be an R after the name of those pushing them instead of a D.

The point of those advocating the Powell-Ridge-Schwarzenegger strategy is not to advance ideas or win policy debates, the strategy is to stop doing things that make the media elites criticize Republicans. Which is never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER, going to happen. Which is yet another level on which the Powell-Ridge-Schwarzenegger strategy will fail.

The media knows that without the support of social conservatives, the Republican party will be an even tinier minority. And alienated from political power, social conservatives will be helpless against the onslaught against family values. That’s the endgame. Powell and Ridge are simply too stupid to realize that they’re pawns.

RINOs? What the hell are you doing?

RINOs? What the hell are you doing?



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3 responses to “The Ridge-Powell Strategy Is a FAIL for Republicans

  1. Laura

    You know how you put your index finger and thumb together and flick things off? I say that we do that with these three (and a few others) who claim or claimed to be Republicans but are nothing of the (or should it be teh?) sort. Conservatives will only come back into power when they grow a spine and shun candidates who are not true to core principles.

  2. The Doktor

    Conservative. That is what gnaws at the Left’s, and therefore the media’s, butt. And I agree with Laura – good riddance to the Axis of Doofuses.

    It’s the same old thing – and since it happens daily you’ll hear a lot about it from me – the Left always frames the argument and situation. That’s how they create reality. Now, a few ‘Republicans’ (and definitely NOT Conservatives) realize they are playing for the wrong team and the media creates the meme that the Republicans are too Extreme Right Wing Conservative. You know, like that Nazi baby killer Rush Limbaugh (/sarc).

    Of course, they do that to insinuate who is good (them) and who is evil (us). The idiots in the Ignorant Masses (hence, the name) fall for it every time. ”Yeah!! Those darned Republicans should be Liberal and Progressive and just like Us!!”

    Shhh-h-h-h yeah – Right!!

  3. You guys gonna ad Petraeus to your list?

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