Obama Regime Wants to “Coerce People Out of Their Cars”

Obama’s Secretary of Transportation admits, Our objective is “to coerce people out of their cars.”

Yes, Ray Lahood is a Republican, as some idiot moonbat will anonymously point out. So What? It’s not about partisan politics, you idiots. That’s what your side is about. It’s about ideals, freedom and liberty.

The automobile is one of the greatest expressions of individual freedom; personal transportation, point-to-point, according to your own schedule, in an environment you can customize to your comfort.

No wonder the progressive left hates the automobile so much. They would prefer that all but a few select elites rely on crowded public transportation, running on a government schedule, to government-selected points that may or may not be near where you wish to enter or exist, and, of course, at the mercy of unionized public employee unions capable of shutting the system down unless the taxpayers pony up for their bloated salaries, feather-bedding, and gold-plated pensions.

Worker! Step Away from the Vehicle!

Worker! Step Away from the Vehicle!


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