The Seven Tenets Of Liberalism

by Atomic Lib Smasher

A few days ago, there was a great post here about certain beliefs of liberalism. Seeing that, I decided to elaborate a tad. Liberals are under a delusion of grandeur that their beliefs are grounded in reason and fact, when in fact, it’s purely emotional and based on so many negative aspects. Even the DUmmy president, Barack Hussein Obama believes this from when it was pounded into him from the likes of radical Marxists Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, and the Wrong Reverend Wright.

Based on observing the primitive leftists for quite a while, especially in a post-9/11 America is worth noting. So I’ve drawn up the Seven Tenets Of Liberalism:

1) Self Loathing – Liberals hate the West. The West is always WRONG (unless it’s white Europeans aligning themselves against the United States). Liberals hate America. Liberals hate our Founding. Liberals hate the traditional family. Liberals hate the military, the police, and anything else traditional, good, or fair. Is this grounded in reason? No, it is grounded in hate.

2) Defeatism – Liberals are weak on terrorism, weak on crime, weak on securing our border, and just plain weak. Liberal parents hold “safe drinking” and “safe sex” parties for their teenager children using the excuse that “they’re just going to do it anyway.” Is this grounded in reason? No, it is grounded in low self-esteem, weakness, and laziness.

3) Multi-Culturalism – Liberals believe that it is wrong to expect a newcomer to America or any Western nation to actually speak English, obey our laws, shower, eat with utensils, etc. Liberals argue that all cultures are equal and we should not consider our (obviously superior) culture to be above those of anyone else under any circumstances. Is this grounded in reason? No, it is grounded in the white guilt of rich white liberals and the virulent racism of some minorities.

4) Blaming the Victim – Liberals believe that we are creating more terrorists by fighting terrorism. They believe that it is the West’s responsibility to provide jobs for young disaffected Muslim “youth”, who don’t want to assimilate in the first place. They say that the West is “Islamophobic” and has to bend over and grease up for them or we’re to blame for terrorism. This is simply not true: just look at older Muslims in Europe, who do not support terrorism or Shari’a law. Surely the older Muslims in Europe have been “oppressed” longer than the Muslims in their 20’s who were born there and are embracing terrorism. But the liberals believe we’re the ones who need to change. Is this grounded in reason? No, it is grounded in selective outrage.

5) Baby Killing – Liberals believe in a woman’s right to “choose,” which is a euphemism for murdering one’s own baby. They say it’s a woman’s body, ignoring the obvious fact that the baby is a separate entity living inside the mother. Liberals want young women to reject parental roles and kill their babies out of sheer convenience. Roe V. Wade was the law of the land which made it “constitutional”, and they dare don’t leave it up to a democratic vote in the states. They don’t want to even discuss adoption, because they’d still have stretchmarks. Is this grounded in reason? No, it is grounded in vanity.

6) Collectivism – Liberals believe in collectivism – that the group should carry its weakest members – even the voluntary poor. They believe in bringing everybody else down to the level of the lowest, ignorant, and laziest members of society rather than trying to elevate the losers by a good reality bitch-slap. They believe in creating class envy, high taxes, income redistribution, the collapse of the free market, Communism, socialism, and the nanny state. Is this grounded in reason? No, it is grounded in misplaced compassion.

7) Moral Relativism – Liberals believe that Bush and Cheney were the “real” terrorists, that the Islamoterrorists are “freedom fighters,” and that Gitmo (where terrorists get three squares a day and the best medical care they’ve received in their miserable lives) is the equivalent of Auschwitz. They would much rather condemn America (where they are free to do so) than actually go to Iran or North Korea and criticize THEM, because they know they’d never get away with it. Is this grounded in reason? No, it is grounded in fear.

So we have laziness, fear, white guilt, hatred, defeatism, misplaced compassion, vanity, selective outrage, weakness, baby killing, and self-loathing. Doesn’t sound like logic or reason to me. Try debating a liberal next time and you will see at least one of many of the aforementioned liberal tenets.

Let me know if I left anything out, I’m sure I did.

One look at the liberal brain will tell you everything

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10 responses to “The Seven Tenets Of Liberalism

  1. The Doktor


    Great list. And you are correct. With a Lib (I call them the generic ‘Leftist’ which encompasses all forms of political insanity) there are many beliefs or tenets. You describe seven of them brilliantly. I would like to add one more – leaving many more to others to point out – Smugness. (Yes, that ‘Smug Cloud’ smugness).

    They always think that they are oh, so clever and much smarter than the Troglodyte Conservatives. And if you are a Conservative from the South then you are doubly ‘stupid’. Heck, even downright moronic. Of course, any non-coastal person (even, it seems, non-coastal Leftists) are a tad light in the literati department. For the Left love to eat their own when a convenient Conservative is not available.

    Isn’t that clever??

    Teh Doktor of Webshire

  2. It really isn’t about liberal or conservative when you get down to it. It’s more about religious vs secular. Specifically, the general Judeo-Christian religious traditions vs the irreligious (with whom Islam has aligned itself, since it hates Christianity and Judaism).

    Oh, sure…there are secular conservatives who are friendly to the J-C tradition, and there are liberal Christians and Jews who are useful idiots for the secular side. (Like the well-intentioned-but-horribly-uninformed gal my cousin married…yeech.) Let’s face it…which side has more conservatives, and which has more liberals?

    But everything you’ve outlined, really, kind of puts a person on one side or the other of that dividing line, I think. What it really boils down to is this – who is to be worshiped? Is it God…or is it Man?

    I’ve written a piece on this very point, entitled “Is Jesus Liberal or Conservative?” at

  3. oreowriter

    Don’t knock the self loathing. I indulge in it so much, I barely let myself in the country now.

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  5. SMD

    It’s interesting how both sides resort to portraying their opposite in caricature. I consider myself fairly liberal, but I do not at all embody practically anything you have used up there to describe my political position. At all. I’m all for bombing the hell out of terrorists. I don’t hate the West (quite the contrary) and neither do I hate America (love it, actually), the traditional family, or any of the things you said I should hate in being a liberal.

    Unless this post is meant in jest, and I didn’t catch it, I just don’t see what any of those things has to do with the liberal spectrum of politics in the U.S. I don’t know any liberals that fit into those rigidly defined, exceedingly negative connotations, and I live in one of the most liberal cities in the U.S. (Santa Cruz, and this damned town is about as liberal as you get).

  6. All seven of these tenets of liberalism are the core values of the Democrat party. They describe perfectly the attitudes of all the major left-wing blogs as well as the major media. Instead of dismissing them broadly, why don’t you refute their specific manifestations of Democrat policy.

    1. Self-Loathing: Obama sits and nods while Daniel Ortega talk about how horrible America is.

    2. Defeatism: Harry Reid: “The War is lost.” The entire Democrat party telling insurgents, “If you kill enough of our troops, we’ll slink home in defeat with our tails between our legs, because we won’t fight if you make it too hard for us.”

    3. Multiculturalism: Convince me that most liberals don’t buy into the notion that no culture is necessarily superior to any other; especially when so many of you side with the barbaric Palestinians against Israel.

    4. Blaming the victim: It’s rather hard to refute the notion that liberals believe that “fighting terrorists only makes more terrorists” when that is the basis of the Obamacrat foreign policy, made manifest in the insane obsession with closing Gitmo. (Which also falls under “loathing of Western Civ” since lefties are appalled at the 400 prisoners of Gitmo, but don’t give a wet slap about the 9,000,000 denied basic human rights in the Cuban gulag on the other side of the fence.)

    5. Baby-Killing: One of Obama’s first acts as president was to expand abortions. The Democrat party opposes even modest restrictions, like bans on partial birth abortions and parental consent laws. Democrats support abortion at any time, for any reason, at any stage in pregnancy, and paid for by taxpayers.

    6. Collectivism: The Democrat party believes in codifying privileges based on race, sexual orientation, gender and other characteristics and has codified same in affirmative action, hate crime, and other legislation. The Obama regime is now promoting a collectivized version of health care reform, based not on the individual’s right to choose and pay for health care according to his own will, but on the government creating one scheme for everybody. Public education is conducted under the same premise; centrally controlled, focused on the lowest common denominator, and a sinecure for government bureaucrats.

    7. Moral Relativism: Again, liberals believe that Israel is just as bad and probably worse than the Palestinians, even though the Israelis are fighting a defensive war to protect civilian populations, which are targeted by the Palestinians. We also see the moral relativism at work when crimes are excused because of poverty or a deprived upbringing.

    So, SMD, you obviously have not been paying attention to your party, your blogs, or your media if you don’t think the majority of liberal policies are guided by those tenets.

  7. SMD

    I’m not a Democrat. Being liberal does not automatically mean that I am a Democrat. I’m registered independent and do not subscribe to any particular party. I never will be a Democrat, nor will I be Republican, or Green Party, or Libertarian Party, or whatever other parties are out there. Every single political party is, in my opinion, full of idiots, whether it be the last 8 years for Republicans, or the 8 years prior for Democrats, or the dozens of years prior to that and in the future for either party (or other parties). No party can exclude itself from the reality that it is run by a bunch of people who don’t give a damn about the American populace.

    And, again, I disagree. The majority of liberal policies are not necessarily guided by those tenets, and I find it odd that you would get upset about healthcare not being chosen by the people, but then also be upset when the majority of Americans are calling for the end of the War in Iraq. You can’t have it both ways. Either the American people count in all instances, or it’s a pick and choose thing.

    You’re trying to pigeonhole me into what you perceive to be the worst of the worst, as if all liberals must automatically be like that, which is nothing short of turning your fellow Americans into caricatures. This is why there is such an absurd divide in politics in this country, because both sides are fighting hard to make the other side look evil. This is why I hate bipartisanism in this country (or partisan politics for that matter). Neither side of the political spectrum is inherently evil; both have relevant points to be made and we get nowhere by assuming that one is superior over the other.

  8. Cylar

    You’re trying to pigeonhole me into what you perceive to be the worst of the worst, as if all liberals must automatically be like that, which is nothing short of turning your fellow Americans into caricatures.

    Oh, you mean like when you try to “pigeonhole” us as a bunch of mean-spirited, gun-totin’, environment-raping, anti-science, racist, fundamentalist Bible-thumping gaggle of rednecks? That kind of pigeonholing?

    Puhleaze. If you’re tired of the caricatures, then write to liberal Congressmen and demand that they stop demonizing the other side. Quit giving money to liberal special interests who promote this crap, and turn off the freakin’ Daily Show.

    In other words, if you’re all about civility in public discourse, do more to stop the liberals who in positions of power and influence, who do it.

    Oh, I should do the same, you say…such as quit giving money to the NRA and not listen to Rush anymore? Not happenin. As far as I’m concerned, the lot of you are a bunch of rotten socialist scum, and I’d just as soon see you all stripped of your voting rights.

    Neither side of the political spectrum is inherently evil; both have relevant points to be made and we get nowhere by assuming that one is superior over the other.

    Your ideas and policies are bad for the nation. End of story. Conservative ideas are superior to liberal ones, as evidenced by the fact that the US is still here and the USSR is gone. Really don’t need any more proof than that.

    Shut the hell up.

  9. SMD

    Never said any of the above. You can do whatever the hell you want. It’s a free country, and hopefully will stay that way for a long time to come. Again, putting words into my mouth based on your perceptions of who I am because I am I am liberal.

    And the U.S. is not an example of the superiority of conservative ideas, but an amalgamation of liberal and conservative policies. The country is a mixed bag for a reason. And the USSR is not an example of a liberal viewpoint, it’s an example of an extremist viewpoint taking politics as far left as humanly possible. There examples of extremist conservative politics as well, and it’s clearly historically that neither works.

    And my ideas and policies are again based on what you assume I believe simply because you cannot face the fact that the term “liberal” is not so easily defined as the caricature you have written about here.

    I’m simply pointing out that I am not what you have written here to say that I am, and I have been quite civil about this. For some reason you’ve gotten extremely defensive and resorted to putting words in my mouth and pigeonholing me into an identity that isn’t mine. Why you’ve done this, I don’t know, but it doesn’t help to open any sort of honest discussion about any issues whatsoever here or anywhere when all you can do is start attacking me based on assumptions not founded on fact.

  10. Mark

    SMD, You say you dont believe in those things. I bet you do! You say I’m just a good liberal! hahaha Don’t try that sweet nicy nicy bullshit! I bet you do believe in murdering babies! I bet you do believe terrorist have rights! I bet you do believe in more goverment power! I bet you don’t believe in traditional conservative family values! Please! Please! Who are you trying to snow? hahahaha
    I noticed you didnt go into specifics on the 7 tenents! hehehehe yeah that sounds about right! Lets change it and turn it and spin it! I bet you agree with almost all of the definitions of a liberal. It’s really so easy to see. Its blind people like you who really hurt this country and are not strong for the USA and never will be.

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