Why I Like James Harrison

Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison isn’t going to the White House.

On Thursday, President Obama will welcome the Pittsburgh Steelers to the White House to honor the team for its recent Super Bowl victory. But, just like in 2006 when the Steelers had a post-title meeting with George W. Bush, defensive MVP (and Super Bowl hero) James Harrison won’t be in attendance.

His stated reason is that the president isn’t a real Steelers fan, so why should he bother? Good for him! This Imperial Presidency thing is something that should stick in the craw of every freedom-loving person. The vulgar displays of presidential power — the helicopters, the entourage, the Wegyu steaks, the $400 sneakers, flying private pizza chefs in from St. Louis…  are nauseating.

The left treats Chairman Zero like some sort of Pharoahic god-king. That’s just un-American. We would be a lot better off if we treated the president — regardless of party — as not a big deal. The only really useful attitude to have toward politicians is one of unyielding contempt.

Kind of a big deal? Meh...

Sort of a big deal? Meh...

Update: It’s not just Chairman Zero. Count Bush had the same stupid imperiousness:

In every cabinet meeting since White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten took over for Andy Card in 2006, Bolten has begun by looking at Bush and saying, “Thank you for the privilege of serving today.” At no point, it seems, did Bush thank Bolten for his deference and then tell him to cut it out.

This is why I always liked Sarah Palin. She lacks the pomposity of basically the entire rest of the political class.



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3 responses to “Why I Like James Harrison

  1. I’m glad someone else opposes the imperial presidency as much as I do. The trapping of royalty don’t just give politicians an exaggerated sense of self-importance and a sense that they can do no wrong, but the trappings hypnotize the masses into thinking these ordinary people are god-like.

    Hey people, the president’s just an ordinary dude (or chick, as the case may be). We fought a war to make it that way.
    When we start electing citizen legislators again (elected officials with real jobs out in the real world), maybe we’ll have legislators that know what it’s like out here among the little people. And they’ll legislate accordingly.

    What makes Sarah Palin so great is that she’s an ordinary citizen who wants to serve her country and she makes no pretense of being better than the rest of us. Instead, what we keep electing are self-important “geniuses” looking to fool the country into serving them and their egos. Barney Frank, please take a bow.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Jake. This country was meant to be governed by Sarah Palins and Joe the Plumbers, not a political/media aristocracy.

  3. I would LIKE to agree with your premise, Jake. I certainly agree with your sentiments.

    Unfortunately, the useful idiots in our country willfully deride and insult the candidates like Palin because they don’t look right/talk right/walk right/whatever… then they keep pulling the lever for the slick-talking charlatans like Obama.

    Here’s my challenge for anyone who reads this: What has he changed? Name one single, solitary thing he has changed for the better in America.

    Unemployment: on the rise.
    Wall Street Numbers: Dow Jones down 2,400 points since he took office.
    National Security: CIA interrogation secrets exposed, DHS secretary a known incompetent, Iran and NK both working towards nuclear weaponry.

    What has he changed?



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