Chairman Zero’s “Common Ground” Bullshit

In defense of the Abortionist-in-Chief’s speech at Notre Dame, I read a lot of defenders saying, “He says we need to find common ground. Isn’t that reasonable?”

No, because he doesn’t mean it. “Common ground” is just a phrase that plays well in focus groups.

Does anyone believe that Chairman Zero, or any other pro-aborter, is really seeking common ground?

At a minimum, a compromise on abortion would reasonably include strict restrictions on partial birth abortions, protection of infants born alive, the encouragement of alternatives to abortion, and parental consent provisions.

I don’t see Obama or his crowd willing to give ground on *any* of those. In fact, his administration is moving precisely the opposite way, using taxpayer funds to not only perform abortions, but also to promote and encourage them through subsidies to Planned Parenthood.

“Common ground” and “respectful dialog” are meaningless. The abortion mills will continue full-tilt, unregulated, taxpayer-funded… and some lip-service will be paid acknowledging that some people find the practice horrific. Nothing more.

Scramble It's Brains or Vacuum it Out

Scramble It's Brains or Vacuum it Out



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4 responses to “Chairman Zero’s “Common Ground” Bullshit

  1. Laura

    You forgot to remind the readers that our tax dollars are also funding overseas abortions since Chief BO lifted the ban on this almost the split second he completed his oath of office at the inauguration (oh yeah, they had about a million parties to attend that night – except one held by the military, so he couldn’t do it any sooner). But I’m not the least bit bitter….

  2. Good point, Laura. You would think not using taxpayer funds to pay for abortions would also be part of this “common ground” Dear Leader speaks of.

  3. Cylar

    How much longer will it be before the Left has finished aborting itself out of existence? Correct me if I’m wrong…but aren’t social conservatives usually the ones with the largest families, as well as the most strident opposition to abortion?

  4. Cylar, in my faith, we speak of a “Cycle of Apostasy,” it goes like this:

    1. Nations follow God’s laws and grow strong.
    2. When nations get rich and powerful, they turn away from God’s law.
    3. As a result, they squander their wealth and power and are brought low.
    4. Nations are rebuilt by those who follow God’s Law, and the cycle repeats.

    What we call “God’s Law” is actually just common sense: work hard, work for the next generation, keep you families strong. I gotta believe nature does not long tolerate foolishness. The left, in its arrogance, believes it is no longer bound by God’s law. It may take a few generations to sort this sh-t out, but we’ll see who’s right: 5,000 years of human history, or Bill Maher.

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