Sweet, Sweet Schadenfreude: Young Urban Indie-Hipsters Can’t Find Work

All those snotty, young Obamacrats with their skulls full of mush flock to “youth-magnet cities” like Portland OR, Austin TX, and Seattle WA and can’t find work.

The worst recession in a generation is disrupting migration patterns and overturning lives across the country. Yet, cities like Portland, along with Austin, Texas, Seattle and others, continue to be draws for the young, educated workers that communities and employers covet. What these cities share is a hard-to-quantify blend of climate, natural beauty, universities and — more than anything else — a reputation as a cool place to live. For now, an excess of young workers is adding to the ranks of the unemployed.

A generation of spoiled brats raised to believe self-esteem was the highest value flock to cities in the belief that living there will give them a hip, designer lifestyle. Values of hard-work, responsibility, and ownership in a “boring hick” community of families and tradition… aren’t cool. All that matters is trendy restaurants, coffee shops, and art stores.

Nice watching the little punks get slapped around by reality. Hell, it feels great!

And being unable to find hipster employment as the editor of weekly free paper or community organizer, they whine about the jobs they do get…

Mr. Singer has spent thousands in savings, and is now earning $12 an hour at a temporary job scanning loan documents, a task he says is so mind-numbing he listens to his iPod all day. “Careerwise, it’s definitely not what I’d like to be doing,” says Mr. Singer.

Hey, you were the one who wanted to cool liberal arts degree instead of the practical degree in business or engineering. Suck it up, hipster.

Out of work hipster know-it-alls... Yippeee!

Out of work hipster know-it-alls... Yippeee!

P.S. Love this quote from creepy chickenhawk Portland Mayor Sam Adams

“I’m hopeful people will stick around,” says Portland mayor Sam Adams. “Even if they come to my city without a job, it is still an economic plus, plus it expands my dating pool.

I may have added that last part.


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