If Nancy Pelosi Could Tell the Truth

Not even MSNBC is buying Nancy Pelosi’s rambling tale of magic and heroism. You know, the one that goes:

1. The Bush administration never told us they were waterboarding, and we never would have approve of it.

2. OK, the Bush administration *did* sort of tell us they were *going to use* waterboarding, but I didn’t really believe they would do it.

3. OK, the Bush administration did tell us they were actually using waterboarding, but I strenuously objected… in secret letters… that must have gotten lost in the mail, somehow…

4. We need a truth commission to get to the bottom of this… then again, maybe that’s a bad idea.

Apparently, an aide had to hustle the old bat out of the press conference to try to limit the damage she was doing to herself.  But by then, it was too late.

Now, if Granny Rictus Botox were to tell the truth, I think it would go something like this:

Reporter: Madame Speaker, your explanation of your knowledge of waterboarding is like a sale on sh-t flavored popsicles… nobody’s buying it. So, why not tell us the truth.

Pelosi: OK, here’s the truth. Yes, we were all fully briefed on the enhanced interrogation techniques being used on a small number of high-valued prisoners. We realize that the Bush administration only resorted to these measures to protect American lives, and we gave our tacit approval. That was in 2002-2003.

But then in 2005-2006, we realized there had been a shift in public opinion and we could get a lot of political mileage if we teamed up with Move-On and George Soros and started screaming about torture and depicting Bush as the Greatest Monster since Vlad the Impaler. We knew the mainstream media could be relied upon to repeat and promote the narrative most favorable to us Democrats — which they totally did. And we rode that horse right back to power. We really didn’t give a hot damn about anything else, and we figured we could sweep it under the rug once we got in.

So, yeah, I approved of enhanced interrogation when I thought it was politically advantageous to do so, and I screeched about “torture” when it was politically advantageous to do so? I’m a liberal Democrat, what kind of ethics did you expect from me?

I won’t hold my breath waiting for the old hag to admit the truth.

Nancy Pelosi crawls ever deeper up her own ass

Nancy Pelosi crawls ever deeper up her own ass



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4 responses to “If Nancy Pelosi Could Tell the Truth

  1. Once again the speaker of the house has participated in blatant reputation ruination, but now she has her sights set on thousands of US employees at the CIA. Her accusation is that the CIA is constantly engaged in lying to the US Congress, and she was never informed about enhanced interrogation the CIA would be using on the enemy. This low blow is aimed at an easy target. The CIA is a branch of the government she feels is vulnerable because everyone hates and fears the CIA, which has been vilified throughout its history, whether through movies, books, TV, news papers and others, it has been portrayed as the enemy and not as a protector of the people.

    The speaker has issued so many conflicting and misleading remarks and releases on this issue, that the old proverb still fits ” if it smells like it, if it feels like it, if it looks like it , IT IS IT. ” Many facts, and testimony by our leaders in the know, who have been at the CIA briefings and meetings (with the speaker, on enhanced interrogation techniques that were to be used), have come to the surface, that show and prove that the speaker is misrepresenting the truth, in other words she has LIED repeatedly, to further her agenda, to slander, to destroy careers and endanger lives.

    It is time to say goodbye to her type and the outrageous way she conducts her politics and represents her constituency. She has endangered our families, for the last time. She must go, she must resign. The only way is for the population, me and you, to write our congress people, to demand the speaker resign, we must do it now.

  2. Cylar

    Yeah, I found the whole thing a bit outrageous.

    Then, we have people in the media like this idiot…


    actually defending Pelosi’s dishonest behavior on the grounds that, well, since she didn’t author this reprehensible torture , it means she isn’t anywhere near as guilty as that eeeevil Bush/Cheney/ cabal.

    Torture. Huh. You know, the very mild discomfort that actually got us some good intel out of KSM, ten times as much as other methods?

  3. All politicians try to maintain their voters and will do most anything to that end. Nancy is no different in that respect. And most will bend the truth from time to time this is what we have come to expect. But Mrs. Pelosi has gone a step farther, a step over the line, a step which could and should cost her the speakership of the House. After changing her story on the water-boarding controversy four or five times she has now resorted to calling those at the CIA liars and attempting to deceive Congress. She has nothing else left to fight with but the liar charge leveled at the CIA. She has been caught, caught in a web that she and those on the left have spun. And finding herself in this web of deception she is hollowing foul and time out–but Nancy the clock is running and the onrushing events are over-taking you. The crowd is roaring and the game is coming to an end and with it your speakership, pitiful as it was, is quickly becoming history.

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