Troll Smackdown of the Week

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Olympian moonbat Larry disses home-schoolers.

Larry: My biggest concern about homeschooling is the proverbial “blind leading the blind” I watched a “home schooled” teen sit in a contractors truck while he and her mother built my deck. She was playing with a cell phone…..

So, typical lib that he is, Larry is looking down with contempt on people who can do a job he can’t do but considers beneath him while leering at their teenage daughter.

Sondra K brings the smack:

SK: So someone’s mother built your deck while you watched her daughter……….. OMG.

Larry realizes, perhaps in his limbic brain, that he has stepped in it. Instead of backing off gracefully, he wades in deeper, trying to play the snarky game where liberals use concepts they don’t believe in against conservatives who do.

Larry: OMG! A Conservative doesn’t think I have the right to pay attention to the people on my private property!!! What happened to owners rights? OMG!

Sondra K would have none of it!

SK: NORMAL people would be watching the folks doing to contracted work!

But Larry continues to defend leering at the daughter of people he hired to a job he is incapable of doing, but looks down on them for doing.

Larry: Normal people don’t bring their kids to a work site (Larry has apparently never heard of the liberal-initiated ‘Take you daughter to work day – Ed) … ‘normal people’…. They carry loaded firearms just in case someone attacks them, which happens .001% of the time.

Then, SK delivers the deathblow:

SK: Hey! You never know when some homeschooled teen that some creepy guy was watching might have to defend herself…….




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2 responses to “Troll Smackdown of the Week

  1. Ouch, hopefully he slinked away at that point?

  2. Nunya

    Good thing y0u saved the exchange here, because it looks like Larry deleted it from your source link above. Typical moonbat response when they lose or cheat, which is always…delete the evidence.

    Great job Sondra! Now I’m going to see if you have any more troll smackdowns; they are fun to watch ain’t they?

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