Addressing the NCNA

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Post by Gregory of Yardale

My first question when a group of Republicans announces the National Coalition for a New America was “What’s wrong with the Old America?”

My next question, is there a place for someone like me in this “New America” you want to build. Lately, my kind have not felt welcome in the GOP.

I note John McCain is involved in this organization. As a patriot, I want to see the borders of this country secured. Every sovereign nation has the right to decide who enters it, and under what conditions. If you want higher rates of immigration, pass a law. Stop playing this game of allowing unlimited immigration through the back door by not enforcing immigration law.

Also, I also want to see this country develop its own domestic supplies of energy and embrace environmental realism. People are smart enough to realize that we can’t have an environment that’s as clean as a surgical theater and still have economic growth and recreational opportunities. Tougher regulations and lawsuits here just push pollution over to countries who don’t care. We need fewer, but smarter, environmental regulations. I also think we ought to confront the myth of ManBearPig head on.

Also, as a Christian, I don’t want the Government promoting my faith, but could you at least stop the Government from using its power to promote opposition to my faith? Planned Parenthood gets subsidized to the tune of $350 million a year from the Fed Gov and more from the states to spread their message that abortion is great. The other side gets nothing. Level the playing field. End the subsidy. Also, colleges and universities receive billions in taxpayer subsidies and promote a leftist, anti-Christian view of society. End the subsidies, or insist on equal treatment.

IMHO: We don’t need a New America, we need a new Republican party.

I am getting a little tired of being kicked in the balls my government

I am getting a little tired of being kicked in the balls my government



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2 responses to “Addressing the NCNA

  1. Annette

    I have a name for us that isn’t old and negative….Preservationist…maybe young people can relate. Preservationist want to preserve the Constitution, preserve our rights, preserve “The American Way”, preserve our future and our children’s futures. Maybe just maybe a fresh name will help. I for one and proud to be a Preservationist!

  2. The Doktor

    I know just how you feel, Gregory of Yardale. As a Conservative I, too, have felt that the GOP has gone in the wrong direction. It should be, as Annette as said, preserving the old America not molding into something that appeases the Left.

    Can I have my punch now?

    Doktor of Webshire

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