Barack’s Junior Brownshirts Are Everywhere

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Post by Gregory of Yardale

DENIED: Bigotry of the Obamatrons
Posted By Charles Winecoff On May 4, 2009 (12:34 pm)

Recently, at the office (a place I sometimes affectionately refer to as Obama Central), I made the mistake of printing out a Washington Post editorial that questioned the foreign policy expertise of our new Commander-in-Chief. By th e time I got to the printer to pick it up, someone else had already seen it – and stamped “DENIED” across the top of the page in red ink. Next to that was scrawled, “RIGHT WINGER GO HOME.”

The first thing that went through my mind was: cross burnings. The second was: children are evil (my workplace is overrun by hundreds of twentysomethings).

Whoever stamped ”DENIED” across my document clearly felt justified in defacing it. Though petty, this was a hostile act – another tiny blow in the insidious war on free thought. …

Instead of gossiping at the water cooler, today’s privileged jugend hover in packs around TV monitors to mock the usual suspects – poor old Sarah Palin, the Tea Partiers, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Miss California (chivalry is deader than dead). Together, they telegraph their warning to anyone who might disagree: don’t.

Twenty-somethings are fond of declaring, “It’s a free country!” But is it? Really? [T]hese kids – who see nothing odd about surrounding themselves with creepy, halo’d icons of The One – mock folks who actually make the effort to exercise their right to free speech on talk radio, at Tea Parties, and at workplace printers.

They think this double standard is perfectly normal.

Read the whole thing. I think the reason they think it’s perfectly normal to mock and disparage anyone who disagrees with them is because it’s what Jon Stewart does. It also plays into the whole Cult-of-Personality, Dear-Leader, Don’t-You-Dare-Question-BHO thing that so many of us who are still capable of critical thought find off-putting about the Cult-of-the-One.



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8 responses to “Barack’s Junior Brownshirts Are Everywhere

  1. I can’t believe how hostile some people can be! Although, as a college student, I’ve seen my grades suffer more than once and I’ve been ridiculed countless times for being a Conservative Christian. It’s ridiculous that people can’t share their views in a free country.

  2. The Doktor


    I agree that the ”tolerant” Left are the rudest and meanest people there are. But I’m afraid the country stopped being free as soon as the Executive and Legislative branches of our government were overrun with Socialists and Fascists.

    I am glad that this article is getting widespread exposure. Not that the Left will read it and realize that they are dooming themselves – no, they’re not smart enough for that. I’m hoping that enough fence-sitters will wake up and take action at the next election. Or, at the very least, spread the word.


  3. joseph Hill

    sorry pal but after the Bush fascists don’t blabber about rights, privacy, intolerance! we won; you lost. don’t like it? move to another country.

  4. Yeah, this is where I usually challenge the moonbat to provide proof that Bush or his supporters did anything like the brownshirting Obama’s cult is doing. The moonbat sputters something about Dick Cheney wiretapping his Xanax prescriptions, and that’s pretty much where it lies.

  5. The Doktor

    To Joseph Hill,

    I have to laugh at the hollow claims of Bush’s Fascism. If Bush were the ”Hitler” that they claim then why weren’t ANYONE of the Left arrested or killed? And, Gregory, you are absolutely correct. Whenever I ask someone about the ”Rights” that Bush took from them they talk about the wiretapping – of foreigners in other countries.

    The Left, to a person, are totally unaware of the attacks on their, and all of our, freedoms coming from – – – wait for it – – – Hussein the pres.

    Even before he was selected Hussein attempted to shut down the freedom of speech by using the office of his Senate seat. When an author of a book that was critical of The Won (and what’s to like?) Hussein’s ‘people’ called the radio station (WGN-AM Chicago) and went to their favorite blog sites (Huffington, Kos, Moveon, DU) to have all of their sycophants contacts WGN in order to silence the free speech of this author – just because he was ‘negative’ (i.e. ‘Told the Truth’) about The Kenyan Turd.

    And now the ”Fairness Doctrine” – which is anything but fair – is being pushed once again after it was defeated handily the last time the Left tried to renew it. And what about Hussein asking for the next Supreme Court Justice to be more favorable to certain groups of people? That certainly isn’t the ‘blind justice’ (‘treating all people the same’ for the folks in Rio Linda) we have enjoyed for centuries, now is it, Joseph Hill??

    Well, I could give even more truth and facts to support how it is – – – wait for it – – – – Hussein, and not Bush, that has attacked the freedoms and rights of American citizens. Remember, Joseph Hill (or is it . . . Hussein?), American rights, freedoms, and privileges are for Americans – not toady Muslims who have been trying to kill us all!.

    Doktor of Webshire

  6. Adam

    “we won; you lost. don’t like it? move to another country.”
    1. Liberals wrote the book on being both bad losers (WAAAH! WAAAH! ELECTION FRAUD! WAAAAH!”) and bad winners (“We won; you lost.”) when it comes to elections.
    2. Sorry, Joseph, we as the loyal opposition are not going anywhere. Wasn’t that more or less what the lefty Socialist protestors liked shrieking about for the last 8 years? Every time one of us suggested that, if they hate America so much they should move to another country, they would call us Nazis and say they’re staying to act as the dissenters (Though, of course, our protests such as the Tea Parties had us waving and saluting the American flag, rather than stomping on it, defecating on it, or burning it the way the liberal wacko protestors did). Why should we have to leave our own country just because it’s currently being run by a Socialist twit whose ideas have worsened our country’s problems and will continue to do so?

  7. Cylar

    Funny, but weren’t the liberals the ones threatening to move to Canada if they didn’t get their way in 00 and 04? Naturally, nobody (except a handful of celebrities) went anywhere.

    I don’t recall conservatives making the same threat. This is our country. It’s been hijacked by a radical government the likes of which has never before been seen. We’re not going anywhere. We’re going to stand and fight…and we’re going to take it back from these socialist goons.

    Besides…where would we go? Pretty much everywhere else on the globe is even more hostile to our ideas than the US currently is.

  8. obama … hmm …. absolutly … ^_^

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