Is this the Twilight of Liberty?

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Post by Gregory of Yardale

The left has made a Devil’s bargain, “Vote for us, do nothing else, we’ll tax others to take care of you.” It is this bargain that keeps the left in power, appealing to the large portion of voters who are always happy to vote themselves a share of someone else’s wealth.

The wealthy, who are smaller in number, but whose money and control of the media and academia are just as vital to the left’s hold on power, are won over with it’s other bargain, “We will let you do whatever you want in the bedroom without judgment, but once you step outside, your life is ours to micromanage.” This is fair trade to our cultural elites.

I don’t believe that these bargains are sustainable in the long term. The greed of the corrupt and shiftless can not be satiated indefinitely by the labor of the taxed, especially not in a society that micromanages every human activity and enterprise. If the pervasive attitude is, in fact, that others must be taxed for our benefit, and who cares if the money is wasted, we may very well be living in the Twilight of Liberty for this generation.

As for the other part, I don’t believe “anything goes” sexual tolerance is sustainable in the long term either, but that’s not a discussion I care to have beyond noting that exchanging economic and social freedom for sexual freedom only results in making a cage out of your bedroom.

A long night awaits us...

A long night awaits us...


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