8 Most Obnoxious Hollywood Lefties

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Post by Gregory of Yardale

But first, the Second Stringers: There were so many to choose from: George Clooney, Mike Farrell, Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Ed Asner, Tim Robbins, Ashley Judd, Harry Belafonte, Roseanne Barr, Jane Fonda, Ted Turner, Robert Redford, Ed Begley, Carlos Mencia, Matt Groening, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, P. Diddy, Richard Belzer, Cameron Diaz, Seth MacFarlane, …

Our three main criteria are 1: Advocacy of insane progressive fascism, 2: Overall Obnoxiousness and 3: Hypocrisy. The industry is packed to the rafters with left-wing idiots who roll down the windows of the limos long enough to shout “Eat the rich!” and then drive back to their Malibu beach estates without any conscious awareness of the irony. So, we’ll set aside the washed-up, ineffectual, and blatantly insane for now, and skip straight to Hollywood’s Moonbat A-List.

1118574600alec_baldwin8. Alec Baldwin. Jonah Goldberg predicted that Alec Baldwin’s obit headline would read, “Alec Baldwin Dies, Thought Electrodes Would ‘Taste Good.'” His amusing Hulu.com commercials and what I am told is an entertaining performance on 30 Rock (not a fan) don’t make up for unprofessional snubbing of Sarah Palin on SNL, his failed stint as a talk-radio host, or his threat promise to leave the country if GWB were re-elected… which he failed to fulfill.

images47. Jon Liebowitz: Every night, he sits behind his little Daily Show anchor desk, making his little dopey faces,  ripping on Republicans while his audience hoots and applauds like trained seals. As a fake news host, this smug pus-bag isn’t worthy to carry Dennis Miller’s jock strap.

And then he does that douchebag move where he’s happy to be lauded as a journalist and wallow in self-importance, until someone calls him on something stupid he said, and then he indignantly claims to be just a comic.  Like any well-trained leftist, he dodges accountability faster than Vince Vaughan dodges the wrench thrown by Rip Torn in Dodgeball.

images36. Barack Obama: He’s been on the cover of P eople magazine multiple times, as well as Rolling Stone, Men’s Vogue, Vibe, and many, many others. He is so vain he named his dog after his own initials. He did cocaine. He’s ridiculously thin. He has no talent other than reading scripted lines off a Teleprompter. You tell me he isn’t a celebrity.

images55. Sean Penn: Spicoli is BFF with Hugo Chavez and allowed himself to be used as a progandist for the Iranian Terror Regime. While he loves foreign despots, his hatred for the United States is deep and loud. In accepting his 2006 Christopher Reeve First Amendment Award, he launched into a deranged rant against the Right,  accusing President Bush of trafficking in methamphetamines and putting out “a contract killing on a pregnant mother.” He has also ranted about… “those who bathe in the moisture of your blood-soaked underwear…” whatever the hell that means.  He admits to sexually molesting an Ann Coulter doll with lit cigarettes. He is not a well man, but to give his hatred some context, his father was Leo Penn… a Hollywood writer outed as Communist during the McCarthy Era. The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

rosie4. Rosie O’Donnell: Oh, Dear, where to begin. “Gulf of Tonkin! Google it!” is a good place to start. She used her stint on ‘The View’ to spout 9-11 Conspiracy theories based on her belief that fire can not melt steel, which came as quite a shock to the people of Pittsburgh.  Note also, her obnoxious performance at the Matrix Awards, using language more suitable to the locker room at the LPGA Tour than a public awards ceremony. And just to wrap it up, some mention of the hypocrisy of calling for zero tolerance gun control while hiring armed bodyguards to protect herself and her own. Loud, stupid, and hypocritical… she’s a celebrity moonbat trifecta.

bill_maher_finger3. Bill Maher: Has essentially the same gig as Jon Liebowitz, sit in front of an audience of trained liberal seals and spout the smug homilies that make them clap. But his obnoxiousness is orders of magnitude higher: Maher makes no secret of his hatred for people of faith, says Americans are “too dumb to be governed,” and has wished for Rush Limbaugh to die of a drug overdose. He calls American troops rapists, but called the 9-11 hijackers brave. He proves my theory that the biggest douchebags in the world are those who sneer that they don’t need religion to tell them how to be moral people.

hedorah-m12. Janeane Garofalo: She is the exemplar of Rush Limbaugh’s Undeniable Truth of Life number 24; a bitchy, unattractive woman who has made a fortune in Hollywood by bitching that unattractive women can’t make money in Hollywood. She’s on 24, for some reason. I think it’s because she auditioned to be a corpse on CSI but lost the gig because she couldn’t keep her damn mouth shut. After getting kicked off Air America for turning her show into a Scientology Infomercial, she most recently washed up on Keith Olberdouche’s show ranting that Tea Party participants were racists. She prattles on a lot about the “limbic brain” in the belief that talking about a brain will make people think that she has one.

1. Barbra Streisand: C’mon. Who else am I going to pick? But, SRSLY, the woman demands rose petals in her toilet, 120 peach colored hand towels for each performance, and very specific floor lamps in her dressing room. She demands her hotel bed be elevated a precise number of degrees above the floor.  Working with her has been described as “Having a picnic on an airport runway.” This champion of the socialist left, who proclaims herself proud to be a liberal, won’t let her staff look her in the eyes. The typical leftist who claims to care about ‘The People,’ but hates actual ‘people.’

In a world of moonbats, one towers above all others.

In a world of moonbats, one towers above all others.



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38 responses to “8 Most Obnoxious Hollywood Lefties

  1. I knew Janeane Garofalo would look prettier without her glasses.

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  3. i’d like to point out they’re ALL actually tied for first!

  4. Viking04

    Great list. Glad to see that Babs made the ‘top’.

  5. Karin

    Rosie O’Donnell’s picture looks like one of those blow-up dolls.

    I hadn’t heard anything from Carlos Mencia in quite a while. He used to have a show where he wasn’t afraid of making fun of Arabs, or fellow Mexicans. Did he go moonbatty?

  6. A friend of mine ran into Carlos Mencia at the DNC convention in Denver.

  7. There are SOOOOO many that ya left out. Hell, Paris OR Perez Hilton could have easily made the list here, or Oliver Stone, the woman who played Wonder Woman, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Susan Surandon, and many, many more.

  8. Chisum


    Excellent. Douches all!

  9. Annie

    Ollie Stone’s wife & mother are Republicans, so maybe there’s hope for him yet?

  10. moochy

    Apparently, y’all are too dopey to know that Jon STEWART lives and works in New York City.

    As for hypocrisy, I was going to say it usually takes one to name one, correctly or not. Guess I just did.

  11. Adam

    There are plenty of others you could have mentioned. Here are my top 3 that didn’t make your top 8, in order leading up to the most obnoxious:
    3. Seth MacFarlane. This guy demonizes Republicans, conservatives, and Christians every single chance he can get, with a venom he does not display towards any other group. He constantly goes out of his way to portray them as evil and/ or stupid and/ or bigoted villains. Even if that weren’t the case, his shows would still be unwatchable, since most of the characters in them (Especially those played by MacFarlane himself) have obnoxiously grating voices and thoroughly unlikable personalities. As an example of his hypocrisy, he regularly points out on his shows how stupid the American public can apparently be, and how easily they can be swayed by simple, shallow appeals. However, in a “Comedy” book he wrote which was intended to be from the viewpoint of Brian the dog on ‘Family Guy,’ there is a section in which ‘Brian’ urges readers to drive a Prius, and one of the brilliant, insightful reasons he lists is that celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Will Ferrell also drive them.
    2. Matt Groening. This falls into the “Oh, how the mighty have fallen” category. ‘The Simpsons,’ for many years, was easily one of the funniest shows on television, and ‘Futurama’ was quite good in that regard, too. However, he and the other writers for the show fell victim to two fatal flaws for a comedy show’s writers: Taking themselves and their show too seriously, and becoming more concerned with making episodes that push their agenda as much as possible than with making episodes that make viewers laugh as much as possible. The shows took the MacFarlane path of lifting up liberals and their beliefs and insulting conservatives and their beliefs, though Groening usually does not insult them quite as viciously as MacFarlane does. This is most obvious in seeing the changing portrayals of two characters on the show: Lisa Simpson and Ned Flanders. Lisa had always been portrayed as a liberal activist, but in recent seasons, she went from a sweet, wise and caring kid to an increasingly obnoxious, self- righteous, arrogant little brat who always has to force her radical views on everyone around her, and throws a temper tantrum whenever anyone dares to disagree with her on any subject. Yet, in spite of this (And this it what makes it even worse), she is constantly portrayed as HEROIC for acting this way! Now, in contrast, consider Ned Flanders. In recent seasons, he has gone from being portrayed as the prudish yet friendly and holy guy next door to being shown as a mean, ignorant, brainless zealot who always gets proven wrong in any episode in which he plays a prominent role. Basically, any time Groening feels the need to bash the Christian faith, he just makes a Flanders- centered episode. This is especially hypocritical because an episode earlier this season made it show Homer as really wrong for stereotyping and judging a Muslim family that moves into the neighborhood. So, to Groening, bashing and stereotyping Muslims is wrong, but bashing and stereotyping Christians is a- ok. Furthermore, seeing how much Groening tried to insert his politics into the recent ‘Futurama’ movies (i.e. In ‘Bender’s Big Score,’ he frequently goes out of his way to kiss Al Gore’s butt and portray him as heroic as possible) makes me really question if his planned revival of the series is such a good idea.
    1. Michael Moore. How is it that this uber- prick didn’t make your list? Between his deceptive and manipulative tactics in his films, his vicious and moronic comments towards anyone who disagrees with him, his portrayal of any who criticize him as pawns in a big conspiracy against him by whatever person or industry was the villain of his most recent film or book, and his blatant hypocrisy in so many different ways (i.e. He owns thousands of shares of stock in many of the companies his films portray as evil incarnate, such as Halliburton and various pharmaceutical companies), the guy is the epitome of an obnoxious liberal jerk. He is one of the “Stupid White Men” he claims to have such contempt for.

  12. Adam

    btw, Karin, yes I’m pretty sure Carlos Mencia is a flaming moonbat. I don’t normally watch his show (Is it even still on?), but I saw a sketch in which Mencia appeared in whiteface as a Republican politician, giving a speech in which he loudly states that regardless of the so- called probems Republicans have supposedly caused, that they are still proud to be the party of white heterosexual Souhern men, eliciting loud cheers from his audience, which is shown to consist of rednecks and fully- robed Ku Klux Klan members. Apparently, he failed to realize the hypocrisy of portraying Republicans as racists during a sketch in which he was the one wearing whiteface and slinging around stereotypes.

  13. Karin

    Adam, excellent rant. I had lost touch with the Simpsons for a while, (but loved them years ago), so I hadn’t noticed the change in Lisa until a couple months ago when we had a free trial for movie channels on the dish. I watched the Simpson’s Movie, and WOW what a little radical preachy bitch Lisa had become!
    God, I hated that movie. And yes, Matt will ruin Futurama if he tries to bring it back. The only good part was Bender’s un-P.C. That will have to go.
    Seth’s American Dad….I know he’s making fun of republicans, but I can take it, I’ve got a thick skin. I like the alien (Roger) on there.

  14. ree

    As far as Seth McFarlane goes, I stopped watching that show pretty early on when the pedaphile “jokes” started to become more prominent. The more they try to make it seem funny, the more normalized it becomes. It makes me wonder if that is his goal.

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  16. Maybe I’ll do a follow up on eight MORE obnoxious Hollywood leftists.

    As for the links thing, it’s a WordPress problem. If you put too many links in a post, WordPress chokes. There’s nothing I can do about it.

  17. John Drake

    Futurama is annoying leftist and pro-Al Gore because one of Gore’s daughters is a writer for the program.

    It has become much worse since it left the airwaves and the last few straight-to-DVD movies have been revoltingly leftist.

  18. Babs beat out Garbitch-a-ho? Damn.

  19. Apparently, y’all are too dopey to know that Jon STEWART lives and works in New York City.

    And apparently, you are too stupid too understand the concept of synecdoche, by which the word “Hollywood” can be used to refer to all of show business.

    BTW, the auto industry can also be referred to as “Detroit” and the Federal Government can be referred to as “Washington.

    Hopefully, you learned something today.

  20. ccs

    I knew Janeane Garofalo would look prettier without her my glasses.

    Fixed that for you VH

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  22. Anniee451

    I love the site and I’m still reading this entry (I love lists like these!) but I really saw the Alec Baldwin/Palin thing on SNL as the opposite of a snub. It was more like he gave her the chance to snub him, which she did. As he salivated over her. He later said she was a very good sport and a hella gracious woman. Even Tina Fey was ashamed of herself after meeting the woman LOL. That was cool. Ok reading the rest of the list now.

  23. kernunos

    Hilarious list! I like the site and will be returning soon. Long live TEH RESISTANCE!

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  25. Kate Red

    I would be thrilled to be included on this list – which was created by a bunch of mindless creatins.


    First visit here – came via “Moonbattery.”

    I’ll be back!


  27. Adam

    Hey Kate Red,
    You really should get a dictionary and learn how to spell the word “cretins” before having the nerve to accuse US of being the ones who are mindless!

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  29. Cylar

    He proves my theory that the biggest douchebags in the world are those who sneer that they don’t need religion to tell them how to be moral people.

    AMEN!!! And I thought I was the only one who is sick and tired of this worn-out, discredited cliche. As I pointed out to one of your commentors, without “religion’s” objective moral codes, your so-called morality is nothing but personal preferences and whims.

  30. Cylar, I like the cut of your jib!

  31. Kaijin

    I have long argued indignantly to those around me that John Stewart practices the same kind of sanctimonious hypocrisy that he mocks regularly. It got to the point where I could not longer stand to hear about him because my ideas had become so firm in my mind.
    I totally agree with your assessment. Here’s mine:
    He accuses real journalists of “hurting America” yet he spends night after night mocking people who actually do something for a living and make people seriously reconsider a career in the public sector or politics because they know people like him will leech off of their goals to mock them for ratings, driving the best and brightest out of government. (I have always believed the critic is the lowest form of life, because they create nothing, they do nothing, but haughtily criticize what others have created)
    He claims he’s a comedian of a “fake news show”, yet when he goes on TV shows he acts like he is some sort of media God who is the final arbiter of what is worthy to be on the news (and, of course, how it is to be covered), he then proceeds to mock real people in a self-righteous tone. When (rarely does this happen) someone points out that his job is to tear people down or asks him why he doesn’t practice what he preaches, he indignantly retorts that he is a fake journalist, therefore he can tell others how to run their shows, but no one dare tell him to act the same way.

    Check out his much-celebrated “confrontation” on CNN’s Crossfire where he tells them they are literally hurting America. When they retort that what exactly is he doing then he replies that he is exempt from any standard since he is a fake journalist (who demands to be treated like a real one).

  32. Adam

    Kaijin, awesome input. Definitely true, and a seldom- mentioned point.

    I remember three years ago, MAD Magazine did a brilliant job of ripping the Daily Show apart, and pointing out how stupid it is. The piece not only gave Stewart a much- deserved skewering, it also hilariously skewered Lewis Black (i.e. comparing him to “A belligerent Mr. Potato Head”) and the other columnists on the show, as well as the generally stupid and predictable tactics the show relies on time and again, and the various hypocrisies present in it (i.e. pointing out how a regular thing on the show is for the interviewee to suggest Stewart run for office, and the sheep in the audience of course cheer at this suggestion, revealing themselves to be, as the article pointed out, “People who believe George W. Bush is unfit for office, yet who would eagerly vote for Adam Sandler’s roommate from ‘Big Daddy.'”)

  33. lisa

    I love this blog, and I love that liberals piss you off so much. They are clearly doing something right. Keep up the good, A-list Hollywood elites. Jeez, what are you people living in, Amish country? No, we will not touch these things you call cell phones or watch this thing called TV. Sinners, sinners!!

  34. Yeah, litle-l-lise, nothing is more impressive inshowing how hip you are than showing up on a thread a month late and spewing the typical condescending, out-of-touch leftist bullshit that’s been repeated a few million times all ready. You stay cool, girl!

  35. Gary McDonald

    Interesting how you would use the name John Liebowitz instead of John Stewart. Trying to incite a little hate are we? You lost the civil war and world war 2; when are you going to accept that your ideals are outdated?

  36. Patrick S.

    every four year it’s the commies, every other four years it’s the gun totin’ war lovin’ maniacs, but nothing ever changes. Unites States are not united in any way.

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