Happy Unicorn Killer Day

By Atomic Lib Smasher

The founder of “Earth Day” has some dirty little secrets. You don’t see the eco-nutjobs celebrating this event every year (but they celebrate Lenin’s anniversary at the same time). Certainly Holly Maddux won’t be celebrating.

Earth Day is typical of the hypocritical left. Einhorn was all about peace and love and free weed and crappy hippy music, but in the end he is known for being the Unicorn Killer. But if it makes you feel better to throw your Coke can in the recycling bin instead of the trash can, do it. Just don’t give credit to this sham of a day while trying to do something decent.

Nothing is more important than Earth Day. Not even your lives.

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One response to “Happy Unicorn Killer Day

  1. One can easily imagine how the left/MSM would react if an organizer of a tea party was found to have bludgeoned his GF to death, hid the body, and gone on the lam.

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