Troll Smackdown: Cowlove and Jay Guevara Take Down Andy42303 and Ghost of Wellstone

Over at Moonbattery, it all started when left-winger Andy42303 (one of the few left-wingers on Moonbattery who actually signs his diatribes), dropped by to leave some steaming piles of anti-Tea Party, anti-Right Wing Nonsense…

See how many of the five myths of Tea Parties Andy42303 hits on in his rant.

These TEA Bag Parties however, pretend to be about taxes (Myth #4) (which haven’t even been raised) but the content of the protests seem to be of a mixed bag. Other than the loud message that most were still somewhat butthurt over losing the election (Myth#1) and the parroting of far right terrorist accusations towards our President, the exact reason for the protests still seems to be unclear…

I detect an admission that you remained silent while [Bush] lowered taxes on the wealthy but was engaging in 2 expensive wars with no idea as to how to pay for them. (Myth #3) You admonished liberals as Bush bashers when they were against tax breaks for the most wealthy while we were borrowing $2 billion a day from China to offset our trade deficit. You sat silently when tax breaks were given to the wealthy while the 109th Rebublican Congress were handing out huge slabs of pork for bridges to nowhere.

There also seems to be an adamant denial that the TEA Parties were sponsored by FreedomWorks (Myth #2), an organization run by Richard Armey, the former House majority leader, and supported by the usual group of right-wing billionaires and was also highly advertised by FOX news. You want to pretend it’s a grassroots movement but once again you come up without roots.

So, he hit on 4 of the 5 discredited Tea Party myths, and threw in the juvenile left-wing tea-bagging slur that Anderson Cooper and Keith Uberdouche have been giggling about like a couple of not-quite-out-of-the-closet middle school boys.

Two Moonbattery Regulars, cowlove and Jay Guevara, promptly ripped out his bleeding progressive heart and showed it to him.

First, cowlove softened him up with a hard kick in the balls.

Considering Bush is not the President anymore, it doesn’t make sense to go on protesting his policies. Well, let me qualify that, it doesn’t make sense for sane, intelligent people to go about protesting his policies. The current policies are entirely the handiwork of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. Do you know why?

Have you ever thought that maybe TARP1 was merely the first step on a process that’s culminated with astronomical spending and printing of money, the likes of which we’ve never seen before? Have you ever thought that maybe when we protest the behemoth that the government has become and its slobbering, gargantuan, orgy of spending, we’re upset about all of it? Have you ever thought? Period? Or, are you so intent on being a drooling, partisan troll that you simply don’t have time to let silly things like “thoughts” get in your way?

I would only have added that the reason there was a TARP1 because of Democrat/Progressive policies that politicized the mortgage lending industry by insisting that politically favored groups with bad credit be granted mortgages on unrealistic terms, a practice approved by Barney Frank, Artur Davis, Chris Dodd and Barack Obama!

While Andy42303 was still reeling from that attack, another left-winger, Ghost of Wellstone, tried to come to his aid, frantically swinging his rhetorical manpurse. His yips and yammers (in pink) were manfully thwacked down by Jay Guevara (in teal.)

If you wish, use a little memory power and recall the things the left has been called when we pleaded “Don’t borrow money from China to fight this War”, but of course we were called unpatriotic, and treasonous.

Straw man. You were called unpatriotic and treasonous for hoping that we would lose. And before you deny that leftists said that, see Leftists were unpatriotic and treasonous.

And to continue, now borrowing still more money from China, to build, e.g., a Frisbee golf park in South Carolina, strikes you as sensible? Because that’s one of the items in the stimulus bill, which I’ve actually read. True story. So please don’t hold yourself out as the voice of fiscal prudence. It’s bad enough when Republican politicians do it, but you lot do it you’re in danger of being struck by lightning bolts.

Jay’s final smackdown was truly magnificent.

When we have told you not to shop at Wal-Mart for cheap plastic crap from China, you went shopping.

And when we told you that welfare would destroy the black family, you made welfare contingent on the family not having a breadwinner under the roof.

And when we told you that drug use would tear the social fabric, you exalted the drug culture and gave us the crack epidemic.

And when we told you homosexuality, especially male homosexuality, spreads disease and presents a public health threat, you bent over.

And when we told you that the UAW would make Detroit uncompetitive and ultimately bankrupt, you supported the UAW.

Jay also dealt the deathblow to Andy42303

the exact reason for the protests still seems to be unclear.

Good God, what does it take to get through to you? Are you being wilfully obtuse? Whether you agree or disagree with them, how could you possibly not grasp the exact reason for the protests? It’s because the government is acting like a subprime borrower, that’s why. Those of us who are prudent in our personal finances are horrified to see the government do something on our behalf we ourselves would never do. It’s like someone taking your life savings and sinking them on all lottery tickets. Madness!

Where is that $1,000,000,000,000 going to come from? Seriously, where? (And it’s got to come from somewhere; money represents a promise to work.) You. Me. All of us. For decades to come. Like some crappy Third World country, we’re going to have to go to international loan sharks to finance this additional debt, of which we had too much before any of this happened, and pay usurious interest rates. Just servicing the debt will be onerous. Paying it off is going to be onerous squared.

No, taxes haven’t been raised yet. But your argument is intellectually equivalent to maxing out your MasterCard at Best Buy, coming home and saying, “See? Nothing bad has happened!” (aka “Wile E. Coyote syndrome”). The grownups realize that the shit is going to hit the fan at the end of the month when the bill comes in. That’s the reason.

And if you’re over 20, you’re going to be paying off this debt the rest of your working life. The rest of your working life. Think about it.

Well done, cowlove and Jay Guevara.



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11 responses to “Troll Smackdown: Cowlove and Jay Guevara Take Down Andy42303 and Ghost of Wellstone

  1. Uh, ok. if your elementary rebuttals (or lack of) suffices as a “smack down”, bully for you. It’s amusing that you’ve cherry picked the discussion for your advantage but once again, bully for you. Considering you gave no rebuttals for the 5 “myths”, I suppose we’re to simply take them at your word? It’s your blog, fair enough. Bully for you. Despite the fact that I’ve discussed with no one here of my thoughts on the welfare towards the black, the Detroit issues with the UMA, the disease of homosexuality, and that drug use would tear the social fabric, considering I have left ideologies, I personally should take responsibilities for any shortcomings pertaining to those issues? It’s just so interesting that the author here imputes opinions to me that I don’t necessarily have. Or, at least, that he/she can’t possibly know if I have because I haven’t expressed them publicly

    It’s simplistic and customary on such radical and one sided sites as this for the opposition to sneak away and instead of addressing an issue head on, cowardly create their own argument out of thin air.
    Then after supposedly winning the argument that they’ve fabricated, promptly dismiss their opponent with contempt. But once again, bully for you.

  2. Bertie

    Andy, I can only give you a “bully for you” for persistence and consistency. I know the fact that your questions were answered repeatedly, your arguments rebutted repeatedly means nothing. And, of course, an internet smackdown doesn’t really hurt.

    I am fully aware of the tactic of repeating a lie so often it’s accepted as truth. Sadly, it has worked far too many times.

    I think the important question is whether in today’s world it will remain as effective. The lies about Tea Parties that you hope to repeat until they are accepted as facts have a significant hurdle that many lies do not. Besides the internet and the decline of the MSM, it’s simply that hundreds of thousands of Americans know the truth and will tell hundreds of thousands of others. Believe me, the hundreds of thousands who have been slandered and insulted by you, Democrats, the MSM, etc. will speak up to refute the lies. Add the people whose mother, granddad, sister, friend, neighbor, or in my case, daughter were insulted by your lies and there are more than enough of us to establish the truth.

    Only time will tell if in this age of the internet, with a true grassroots awaking of “middle America” (as opposed to elitists of the left and right) and Obama (who is such an extreme leftist) whether more of the left’s lies will be exposed and defeated.

  3. Bertie, I keep hearing how my questions have been repeatedly answered but much like your post, offer only spin, insults, and evasiveness. Would you care to take a moment and at least address what “lies” you’re talking about. I’ve only asked the relevance of the TEA Parties. The responses I’ve received indicated a mixed bag of reasons including an adamant dislike for our president as well as a resentment to anyone other than far right extremist. Unless you can show me statements that at least makes me appear to be a “liar”, please reread the last paragraph of my first post here and see if you can grasp the meaning of my point.

  4. Cylar

    Unless you can show me statements that at least makes me appear to be a “liar”, please reread the last paragraph of my first post here and see if you can grasp the meaning of my point.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

    The worst part is that you don’t even see how your ass has been handed to you. Repeatedly. You’re like Rodney King, trying to get up off the pavement over and over…who then gets clubbed in the head and knocked down yet again.

  5. Cylar, you come across as a tool that when prodded, comes in with a zinger to help sell the snake oil. This manufactured myth that I’m somehow getting clubbed over and over is as fake the very origin of the phrase “smackdown” itself (the contraction of two words (“smack” and “down”) popularized by WWE wrestler-turned-actor “The Rock” that refers to the inflicting of a beatdown of epic proportions upon “jabronies” and those with “roodypoo candy asses”). Of course we all know, or at least I hope you know that these were not real wrestlers but rather entertainers putting on fake wrestling.

    I simply asked for a reference of where or how I lied. You , like everyone else here, cannot provide that so you come in with your little throw-a-rock-and-run jab of “There are none so blind as those who will not see. Wow Cylar, you witty devil. Did you set up all might perfecting that one. It really beat me down didn’t it?

    You pied pipers of slackerdom amuse me.

  6. Adam

    “Considering you gave no rebuttals for the 5 “myths”, I suppose we’re to simply take them at your word?”
    Did you actually follow the link that Gregory provided on this article after posting your initial Moonbattery response? You know, the one which leads to another article on this site that does, indeed, rebut the 5 myths quite well (In particular, Myth #2, the myth that the tea parties are all secretly the work of Fox News and those eeeevil rich corporate boogeymen that leftists like you are convinced run the country was torn to shreds by Gregory’s article).

  7. Adam, as my Grandpappy would say, you’re a day late and a dollar short. I’m not going to bother beating a dead horse in wading back through this river of rhetoric to look what was and/or wasn’t said. I will however challenge you on myth # 2. There was never anything secretive about it.

  8. Bertie

    “Unless you can show me statements that at least makes me appear to be a “liar”…

    “There also seems to be an adamant denial that the TEA Parties were sponsored by FreedomWorks.”

    I’d call the statement Freedom Works “sponsored” the Tea Parties a lie. I think it was Freedom Works that stepped in to pay insurance or permit fees at a protest some city was trying to shut down but that was just one and I don’t think it was even an April 15th event. That Freedom Works would want to be involved or offer to help does not mean they “sponsored” the Tea Parties while it refutes the lie of involvement of “right-wing billionaires.” These were just average people who had never even been to a protest much less organized one. Michelle Malkin sent “pulled pork” to an event and has covered the protests extensively but that doesn’t mean she “sponsored” the Tea Parties. And sorry but even though Fox covered the events and advertised themselves covering the events, it was news. Conservatives, as a rule, don’t protest. Initially some protests were made fun of because organizers didn’t know to bring a bullhorn or some other thing any “professional” would have known.

    I have been aware of and following what is a truly a “grassroots movement” since some woman in Seattle (who blogs as Liberty Belle) organized a “porkulus” protest in February (before the Santelli Tea Party Rant).

    Malkin’s post about the Feb. protest began:
    “There should be one of these in every town in America.” At that time there was also a protest planned in Denver for the signing of what Malkin dubbed the “Generational Theft Act of 2009.”

    Everyone did not join the “movement” at that point, different people (and yes some groups) became involved at different times but after the Santelli rant the Tea Party name caught on. While (T)axed (E)nough (A)lready is not the elusive “exact reason for the protests” (because there isn’t just one reason) you say “seems to be unclear” it is one of the fundamental reasons.

    That’s what actually happens when you have a “grassroots” group. Individuals have different opinions, different reasons but a fundamental agreement. In this case I believe for many it’s an objection to the ever expanding role government as made clear by massive spending. Plus a common sense acknowledgement that with increased spending comes increased taxes. Some see it as a threat to liberty, others are concerned about corruption or incompetence (the more money the government has, the more there is to steal, lose, waste), and on and on.

    I understand why people want to, need to discredit a “grassroots” movement but unless your objective is simply to repeat the lie I suggest you consider the alternative.

    We all would like to believe other people believe and act as we would but reality proves it’s not so. Leftwing groups regularly organize protests. ACORN does provide paid protesters. Astroturfing has been used by a wide variety of groups…

    Ah, man, when I looked up “astroturfing” at wiki I found your exact words about the Tea Parties … “FreedomWorks, an organization run by Richard Armey, the former House majority leader, and supported by the usual group of right-wing billionaires” quoting the left’s ultimate authority, a NYT opinion writer.

    So there is no point in attempting to engage in a thoughtful discussion with you. You aren’t thinking, you are just parroting the lies. Nevermind.

  9. Richard Armey chairs Freedomworks. No lie. You research and see where they get their money. Don’t misconstrue echoing the truth with parroting a lie.

  10. Adam

    Very well.
    If you don’t want to take another look at the article that heads this thread, here’s the url to the article which shoots down the myths:

  11. Adam, I understand the amusing rebuttal that you refer to as a myth buster. Simply because Gregory writes “the RNC and the conservative media were late to the party” doesn’t mean it has to be true. I’m not going to research or google this dead horse but left blogs were abuzz weeks before the TEA Parties about how FOX was promoting it. Right blogs were distancing themselves from the claim that FOX was turning more towards promoting rather than reporting. FOX talk shows were a constant build up with host promising an appearance to bigger events. Even as we speak, FOX News, RNC, and RGA are pumping up “Tea Party 2”. The Republican Governors Association are planning a fundraiser teleconference and Greta Van Susteren of FOX was promoting it just last night.
    The argument that this is a grassroots movement doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. The movement still seems to be of a mixed bag. While the main objective seems to be that there’s a fear of future taxes to pay for the stimulus, there still seems to be an anti-Obama movement as well.

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