How Did FoxNews Do It?

Last week, over a half million Americans gathered, in nearly a thousand cities coast-to-coast, peacefully and patriotically, to express dissent over the direction the country is being taken vis-a-vis massive budget deficits and equally massive expansions of Federal power.

The left… when not making juvenile references to tea-bagging (which they did roughly 20,000 times for every tea party participant), made the claim that all of these people were only protesting because FoxNews told them to

  • Nancy Pelosi… a woman with perhaps not a single mirror in her home … projected, “This initiative is funded by the high end – we call it AstroTurf, it’s not really a grass-roots movement. It’s AstroTurf.”
  • CNN Reporter and Amanda Bearse like-a-look Susan Roesgan, while berating tea-party participants with TeamObama talking points, blamed FoxNews for the tea parties. (Perhaps a bit bitter that they had twice rejected her application for employment).
  • Bitter scientologist Janeane Garofalo disconnected the E-meter long enough to appear with Keith Olberdouche and sputter, “Fox News loves to foment this anti-intellectualism because that’s their bread and butter.”
  • Failing left-wing newspaper the New York Waste o’ Times also blamed FoxNews, giving cover to certain websites run by opportunistic butt-pirates to proclaim it as true gospel.
  • Far lefty and Fairness Doctrine proponent Bill Press declared, “Without Fox News, the [Tea Parties] wouldn’t exist.”

And all of the big lefty blogs like Puffington, Kos, Wizbang, Little Green Footballs, and FireBitchLake, dutifully promoted the idea that FoxNews was behind it all.

So, how exactly did FoxNews accomplish this?

I really want to know what mind-control device was used to get half-a-million people to take time off in the middle of the week, often is miserable weather, to make their own signs and protest the relatively obscure topic of government fiscal policy? Was it mind-control chips? Subliminal advertising? Did half a million people get e-mails from Neil Cavuto saying, “Show up at the tea-party or your kids will be fed to tapirs?”

The left wants to believe that half a million people were somehow tricked or controlled into protesting because the alternative — that large numbers of people are organizing to resist Obamunism and FoxNews is merely reporting it — is too horrible to contemplate.

The Hypno-toad orders you to resist Obamunism!

The Hypno-toad orders you to resist Obamunism!



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2 responses to “How Did FoxNews Do It?

  1. ohdang fox is good!~!

    funny thing however…i met people from all sides at the tea party we attended. an elderly couple for instance were left leaning, but fed up with being taxed for coming and going on properties and inheritances that taxes had already been paid on – imagine living that long in the left lane…

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