Leaving a Trail of Slime Wherever He Goes…

Proving, once again, that Washington is now Chicago-on-the-Potomac, Chairman Zero is rushing to the aid of Connecticut’s corrupt senior senator, Chris Dodd in his tough fight for re-election against a 33% approval rating.

“I will be helping Chris Dodd because he deserves the help,” Obama told the Boston Globe in a phone call from Air Force One on Thursday. “Chris is going through a rough patch.”

Chairman Zero may love Doddy-O, but the corruptocrats own constituents don’t so much. A grand total of 4 Connecticut residents have donated to his re-election campaign. And the bulk of the out-of-state contributions he gets are from the wealthy bankers whose backs he has scratched so often and so well.

Maybe Chairman Zero feels sorry for Dodd. After all, Dodd only got a sweetheart deal from Countrywide in return for opposing mortgage regulations. He didn’t get nearly the sweet deal Obama got from Tony Rezko.

Or, maybe he likes it that Dodd slipped the AIG bonuses into the bailout, and this gave Chairman Zero something to posture about when his presidency desperately needed a distraction from its corruption and failures.

Or, perhaps, Chris Dodd earned a permanent warm spot in Chairman Zero’s heart for proclaiming, back in the Reagan days, that the U.S.A.  was on the wrong side of history for opposing communism.

Senator Chris Dodd: The Ted Stevens of the Eastern Seaboard

Senator Chris Dodd: The Ted Stevens of the Eastern Seaboard


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