Enemies of the State

Obama Administration rushed report on Right-Wing Threat Assessment over objections of civil liberties lawyers. Gee, it’s almost like they were in a big hurry to smear the right before the Tea Parties or something.

Things That Make You Go “Hmmm.”

If by “Hmmm,” you mean…  “What a bunch of filthy fascist scumballs.”

But maybe I’m being unfair. Maybe it’s just not fair to assert that Chairman Zero is any kind of socialist-dictator wannabe.  Maybe it’s wrong to insinuate that he is the kind of guy who feels affinity for the worst sort of left dictators, but has contempt for people in his own country who disagree with him. Maybe it’s unfair for me to imply such a thing.


Then again, maybe it isn’t.

Double Hat Tip: AoSHQ


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