10 Things You Didn’t See at The Tea Parties

Or, should I restate that as “Ten Features of Left-Wing Protests You Didn’t See At the Tea Parties.” Some of these may have happened in a limited sort of way, but they didn’t characterize the protests the way they do when MoveON, Code Pink, and International ANSWER throw a shindig:

images21. Hideous Geriatric Communist Skanks flouncing around in stupid pink outfits. Supposedly, Code Pink did plan to show up in Santa Monica. I don’t know if they actually did. I guess they support what Obama is doing because the complete bankruptcy of the USA would end our ability to project military power permanently.

img_85672. Rabid Anti- Semitism. There were some RuPaulians at some of the protests. And in any crowd the size of the tea parties, there are always a few bad apples. But what you didn’t see was open Jew-haters parading around and being cheered by fellow protesters.

Protest Iraq War3. Mass Produced Protest Signs. Because the Tea Party movement is a grassroots movement, not an Astroturf movement funded by George Soros and run by professional activists.

vandal14. Vandalism of public and and private property commited by violent punks cowering behind black and green facemasks. That’s just not how we roll.

143-4328_img5. Open Hatred for America, Freedom, and Capitalism. SRSLY, can you imagine how many people would have kicked this lily-livered punk’s ass if he had shown up at a tea-party with a sign like that?

puppets6. Big Stupid Puppets. I don’t know where hippies got the idea that papier-mache equals gravitas.  Tea party protesters… having jobs and families and such… don’t have the time to spend weeks in advance of a protest making dumb puppets.

space-hippies7. Drug-Addled Hippies Reliving the 60’s. Because the Tea Party crowds were made up largely of people who work for a living and haven’t fried out their brain pans with elective pharmacologicals.

susanr8. Sympathetic, supportive media coverage. No, quite the contrary. The Tea Parties get sneered at by the LA Times, and are covered by Married with Children’s Marcy Darcy haranguing protesters with DNC talking points.


9. Nitwit Attention Whores and washed up celebrity has-beens. People who love the attention they get by slamming their own country.

156-5635_img10. Inflated Scrotum Guy. Because who cares about national bankruptcy and out-of-control government when you can walk around naked in public with a quart of saline pumped into your junk.

Whatever the flaws of the movement, at least there aren't hippies.

Whatever the flaws of the movement, at least there aren't hippies.


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35 responses to “10 Things You Didn’t See at The Tea Parties

  1. toddkillen

    Shit. I just got home, to write this post.

    You’ve beat me to it! Nicely done.

    Isn’t extraordinary, that Conservatives, that don’t protest, come out in unprecedented numbers, and there are not riot police, no bananas, no bricks, no broken window, no one running naked through the streets….

    Hell, they crushed the numbers of any protests, ever, and the gatherings were like 4th of July picnics. They brought their children….

    America is still live and well. If we could just get the government to get out of the way, we could see it more often.

  2. Adam

    Great list!
    That really does show why the tea parties are 20 times better than the pathetic, depraved protests the far left put on. However, here are two ways I would add to the list:
    1. For point #4, I would add that the tea parties’ protestors don’t try to start riots or attempt to pick fights with counterprotestors and the police, as the bandana- masked Anarchist scumbags love doing at their chaotic, destructive explosions of lawlessness, or as they like to euphemistically call it, their “Direct Actions.”
    2. To kind of go along with point #10, I’d point out that the tea parties from what I’ve seen tend to be quite family- friendly. There are no nudists, transvestites, or other sexual deviants there. There are no guttermouthed speakers (The only curse I heard from a speaker at the Orlando Tea Party was one of the speakers who used b%%%h as a verb, to describe how lib protestors love whining about everything). and the protestors’ signs contain no lewd or offensive comments. It’s an event you can take the kids and grandparents to without a worry.

  3. We had ONE moonbat with a “No War For Oil” sign show up, but he came and went in less than 5 minutes time. The rest were libertarians, conservatives, and regular citizens fed up with the shit going on with Obamunism in America today. We had 3000 just in our city of 120,000. Quite an event.

    Did ya end up attending one, GoY?

  4. okay, i’m liberal, but this was a really funny post. i can’t help but giggle at the first one.

    you also didn’t see minorities, non-believers, gays and progressive women at the tea parties.

    a movement that only comprises one small, close-minded people will go nowhere.

  5. I think you didn’t see them, Meredith, because you didn’t want to see them. Which is pretty close-minded of you.

    More open-minded people noticed the diversity of the Tea Party patriots.

    And looking through Zombie’s photos, those anti-War anti-Israel protests were overwhelmingly white.

  6. LiberalOne

    Really, you didn’t get sympathetic coverage from Fox news, which sponsored the TEA Parties (hence, making it difficult to understand how this can be a grassroots movement)? Really, no washed up celebrities? What do you call Janine Turner? or Ted Nugent? Really, no anti-Semitism? No offensive signs? Here you go: (This link takes care of those last two comments I made: http://digg.com/d1otL6)

    Hey, next time there’s a republican president and I protest, don’t call me anti-America k?

  7. Learn to read, hippie. The text of the post says you always get a few bad apples. And we know Kos, Huffington Post and a few other radical left sites dispatched people with the specific mission of discrediting the tea-parties. But the 10 things I listed were central features of the left’s protests… as is apparent by following the links to Zombietime.

  8. LiberalOne

    Yes, you always get a few bad apples, just like the liberals do. It goes both ways. Just like you like to discount those “few bad apples” for your own side, why not acknowledge that the liberals just have a “few bad apples” as well? We’re more alike than you’d like to think. 😉

  9. Because, as the listed items indicate… the Tea Parties had no vandalism (that I’ve heard of), no celebrities bashing America to the cheers of the crowd, no public nudity, no drug addled hippies, no rent-a-mob activists with mass-printed signs. These protests were regular folk. The organizers of the left’s protest were nutjob organizations like Code Pink, or avowed Stalinists like International ANSWER. And, the gentleman with the “F- Middle America” sign is but one of many, many, many examples documented at left-wing sites.

    Your side encourages and tolerates that crap. Our side doesn’t. Face it, the only time you see an American flag at a left-wing protest is when it’s on fire.

  10. you forgot to mention litter. Out of the hundreds of tea parties I’ve seen pictures of, almost all of them said that when it was done, there was no tons upon tons of garbage to clean up like some liberal gatherings *cough* inauguration/DNC *cough*. One guy said the place was so clean he didn’t even see a gum wrapper on the ground.

    If I remember correctly, the amount of trash left behind on the grounds of the National Mall after 1/20 totaled a record number of tons ever collected in a single day anywhere in the country….and spurred the addition of 9million in “stimulus” funds to resod it because of the damage done.

  11. Yes, you always get a few bad apples, just like the liberals do. It goes both ways. Just like you like to discount those “few bad apples” for your own side, why not acknowledge that the liberals just have a “few bad apples” as well? We’re more alike than you’d like to think. 😉

    With liberals, most are rotten to the core.. especially in large gatherings. What did you see from the TEA parties? Unity among decent American people, and even some of those who are Democrat there who have had enough with the utter raping of the economy Chairman Zero has put forth. Granted, Bush did his fair share, but Obamalamadingdong is spending like there’s no tomorrow in a friggin’ recession! That’d be like if I lost my job, my mortgage was behind, my kid’s clothes were wearing out, and I go out and buy a Rolls Royce.

    But I digress. At leftist protest if the cops are not called to arrest a lot of them for disorderly conduct, public lewdness, or what have you… waste management is working overtime to pick up after the bums.

    Again, great post GoY and I look forward to co-blogging here on Monday. I think I got a great idea for a starting post here as well.

  12. At least most tea partiers would not pander to the left wing communist nuts that are running south america and other arabic countries. They would not vow to kings or make apologies for the strong policies that have made us powerful in the world and have kept us safe!

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  14. Jim Fister

    I was in Bend, OR, blogging the event there. I had a couple people use words like ‘charming,’ ‘well-mannered,’ and the like when looking around. The worst words I heard over the mic were: “dog turd” which was followed by an admonition to keep it clean. Our protest march even stopped for crosswalk lights. Some people can sneer, but that had an impact that carried to the onlookers that I don’t see in other protests.

  15. Valerie

    Hey, Gregory, I was at the Tea Party with my black boyfriend. One of the organizers and emcees of our Tea Party was a black guy. There were Hispanics in attendance. Sure, you can look at skin color as far as race goes, but how do you know there were no nonbelievers, gays, etc.? Did you go around and interview each person at the parties and ask if they were gay/straight, believer/nonbeliever, etc.? There were people at our party walking with signs that said “Democrats against spending” or something like that. Very open-minded of you, though. Sheesh.


  17. Congrats on being linked by the Corner!

    I think Jonah was a little grossed out by Scrotum man.

  18. Chris Roberts

    Don’t forget the absence of Ford Foundation-funded organizations handing out American flags because all the protestors brought some other country’s flag.

  19. mantis

    okay, i’m liberal, but this was a really funny post. i can’t help but giggle at the first one.

    you also didn’t see minorities, non-believers, gays and progressive women at the tea parties.

    a movement that only comprises one small, close-minded people will go nowhere.

    You’re also dishonest. 1. At the rally that I attended there were minorities present. 2. Non-believers – you’re also wrong there as I am an atheist and a fiscal conservative. I couldn’t tell you about gays or progressive women but it may have something to do with ideology. I’m quite sure if any were present or bothered to attend they would have been welcomed.

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  21. Alana

    What, exactly, is a “progressive woman?” How would you tell it was one if you saw one?

    And what are other women? Regressive?

    As a woman, I need to keep track of all these different kinds of woman we can be.

  22. Hello?

    A “progressive woman” (liberal, big gov, pro-abort) would be someone who’s passionately against most of what we stand for, so naturally, you wouldn’t see many of them out there, if any, except maybe as infiltrators.

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  24. rk

    got here via NRO, very nice..thank you

  25. Hub

    Talk about closed minded! How do liberals know whether I’m “a believer”? How do they know whether I’m gay or straight? How do you know I’m not a feminist? And what’s a “progressive” anyway? Someone headed in the same direction as you? What if you’re both on the wrong road? In the 1920s, “progressive” women were racist eugenicists.

  26. Great post. Getting a lot of bleedover links from yours, so thought I’d check it out. Great synopsis.

    The Left has a remarkably short memory when it comes to the eight years of virulent, nasty, Bush-bashing marches and protests. Suddenly a bunch of pissed-off, middel-aged working class joes and janes are somehow “dangerous” because they dare speak out.

    Progressives: Speaking the truth to power.
    Libertartians: Dangerous subversives.


  27. RgrF

    You people are unbelievably deluded and easily misled. During the 1950s a 90% tax rate on the highest earners fueled the most explosive growth the country has ever seen.

    Time to get back to that.

  28. Adam

    “you also didn’t see minorities, non-believers, gays and progressive women at the tea parties.”
    1. At the Orlando Tea Party I attended, I saw blacks, Asians, Latinos, and even some Cuban refugees. The main organizer for the event was originally from Argentina. In his opening remarks, he said that he and his parents fled Argentina’s Socialist government when he was very little and legally came to America for a better life. In contrast, the few lefty “Infiltrators” I saw who tried unsuccessfully to disrupt the event were all white.
    2. It would be pretty hard to identify “Non- believers” and gays.
    3. It really depends on how you define “Progressive women.”

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  31. Kay L

    I was so thinking that last week, how we didn’t have (nor need) people to walk around naked with their scrotum inflated!

    The worst characters we had were politicians.

    And to those who believe that the whole movement was manufactured–you couldn’t be more wrong. Just because sponsorship was made available doesn’t mean that people were recruited.

    I started a Facebook page to try and get people involved in my city because there wasn’t one. Two other people did the same thing at virtually the same time.

    Now, we are one group. Because for any one of us the important thing was not to be in charge of something but to make it happen. And all it took to make it happen was put the word out and people came out of the woodwork to donate money, goods, services, everything to make the event happen and more.

    People are really upset because all the spending that the administration has promised to all these varied groups has to be paid for by someone, and its not simply 10% of Americans–it’s anyone who pays tax.

    And once inflation kicks in from them “printing” a trillion dollars it’ll be everyone because everything will be more expensive.

    In general, people do not wish to suck at the government tit as their livelihood and they are pissed off enough about the inevitability of the direction of this administration to come out and express themselves.

    No one had to tell them to do it!

  32. Let me guess… number six is “There is no number six”?

  33. James McEnanly

    One more difference I’ve noticed is the difference between what the two groups leave behind. Leftist demonstrations tend to leave behind piles of garbage, broken windows, and damaged vehicles. Conservatives leave the place looking better than when they arrived.

  34. Ah, so that’s what number six was. (It wasn’t there when I commented before, if anyone’s wondering.)

  35. carl

    seems the time for the tea partiers to ramp up was during george bush’s reign. a hugh escalation in government spending by his administration (which by the way was the first to get the gov. money pumping out to wall street.) let’s not to forget to mention the rediculous war spending. where were they then? oh yeah george is not a blackie like our current communist/islamic president. he was a good ‘ol boy the the rest of us. yuk. he wus doin’ us good.

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