Brian Griffin: Portrait of a Left-Wing Douchebag



The character of Brian the Dog on ‘Family Guy’ is not only supposed to be the proxy for the show’s writers and viewers, he is also the archetypal leftist douchebag, complete with a Dennis Kucinich for President bumper sticker on the back of his Prius. Consider the facts…

  • Unemployed, Brian sponges off the family of a gainfully-employed, working class father figure… yet considers himself superior to him.
  • His biggest ambition is to bang the wife of his best friend… the same fellow who feeds, clothes, and shelters him.
  • A pseudo-intellectual atheist college drop-out, he considers himself intellectually superior to those around him solely on his ability to mouth the proper set of left-wing pieties.
  • He has a substance abuse problem, he “self-medicates” with alcohol and cocaine. (In a DVD commentary, the show’s creators explain that his substance abuse stems from his need to cope with the intellectual inferiority of those around him.)
  • While protesting that he “votes Democrat,” he is in fact a closet racist who reflexively hates blacks (as seen in “Don’t Make Me Over” and “Chick Cancer.”)
  • Though he fancies himself an author, his only success has come from directing porn and plagiarism. Even Lois finds his writing “hackneyed and stilted.”
  • Though he ostensibly supports gay marriage, insinuating the homosexuality of others, especially Stewie Griffin, is his favorite put-down; thus indicating the low esteem in which he holds homosexuals.

The writers and producers of Family Guy — who seemingly expend every other manatee joke these days bashing Bush, conservatives, America, or some other guaranteed head-tilty applause line— have unintentionally created a character that really shows the shallowness and depravity that typifies the modern left.



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6 responses to “Brian Griffin: Portrait of a Left-Wing Douchebag

  1. son of a preacher man

    You forgot one:

    Stewie off handedly suggests to Brian that private sector initivatives driven by competition may be the better way so solve some of our economic problems.

    Brians response: punch Stewie in the head when his is not looking and knock him out.

  2. SK

    Seth McFarlane is an overrated hack.

  3. If your son/daughter had downs syndrome and someone made a joke about it, you’d probably be offended too. But, the Family Guy video is blocked at work, so I can’t really judge the full context.

  4. J

    I gotta say, its a freaking lol if you think Brian isnt a parody.

  5. Ryan

    Brian is no douche. Douches don’t try to save there owners from drowning. Brian is a loyal pal for the most part. You my friend don’t watch to many episodes of Family Guy I guess.

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