Chairman Zero (Ike) Bitch-Slaps Auto Industry (Tina)

After making a big deal out of firing the CEO of General Motors (who was working for a dollar a year) and moving to shield the greedy corrupt UAW from any harm in the forthcoming bankruptcy, the Regime of Change is now attacking Chrysler’s most profitable vehicle.

Chrysler insists the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which clocks in at 20 mpg in its two-wheel-drive version and 19 in four-wheel-drive, is a crowd favorite and a crucial part of its lineup.

Chrysler spokesman Rick Deneau said. “Customers have told us they want this vehicle and that it’s the right size.”

The 2011 model is 11 percent more fuel efficient than its predecessor, powered by a cleaner and more powerful engine.

The White House slammed Chrysler for having a product lineup so heavily weighted with trucks and SUVs. It added that the automaker does not have enough products in the pipeline to meet an expected increase in demand for small cars.

If the market does change to small cars and Chrysler doesn’t meet it, then they deserve to fail.  What they don’t need are predatory Neo-Marxist busybodies telling them to produce stupid pieces of crap like this. And, worse, giving we the consumers no choice but to buy them.

Smug idiot on board.

Smug idiot on board.



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2 responses to “Chairman Zero (Ike) Bitch-Slaps Auto Industry (Tina)

  1. Man… is Ford looking brilliant now! After considering the options, Ford bit the bullet and backed out of the bail out.

    Their success in this is testimony to why one doesn’t do business with the government in general and Democrats in particular. We still have to see how they handle the UAW, but it is looking like GM and Chrysler will be pink-slipping in the rain shortly.

  2. Ironic that Found On Road Dead may be the last American car-maker standing.

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