Obama’s Love for America, Like Ike’s Love for Tina

Back in Turkey, Chairman Zero continues to bash the United States, apologizing for his country’s insufficiently fast capitulation to Islam and the United Nations.

In a humble finish to his first foreign trip, President Barack Obama said that despite its flaws and past mistakes, the United States is poised for a “new chapter in American engagement” with Muslims and the rest of the world.

Obama cautioned that while he had great differences with Bush over issues such as Iraq and climate change, it takes time to change a nation as big as the United States.

It probably hasn’t occurred to the jug-eared Maoist or his adoring media cult that America doesn’t need to change. America doesn’t need to become more like Washington, Washington needs to become more like America.

Thanks, Eric, that's just exactly the rebus I was looking for.

Thanks, Eric, that's the perfect rebus for describing how I feel about the president.

H/T: Gateway Pundit


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