Happiness Eludes the Bitter Left

The Rhetorican has noticed a peculiarity…

You know, for a political faction that is “irrelevant” and “out in the wilderness”, the Right seems to really get on the Left’s nerves.  It’s like the Left isn’t quite convinced that the current state of things will last very long.

As for the Angry Left, no new voices there either.  Still sounds as schizoid and disconnected as ever.

It’s just a manifestation of the entitlement mentality. The left thought that getting everything they wanted politically was going to make them happy. The invested all of their emotion into an Obama Victory, thinking it would bring them the happiness that all the Paxil, Zyprexa, and Prozac had failed to provide.

But then they discovered, after the elation of the Election and the Inaugural wore off, that they were still miserable, their lives were still empty and meaningless, the voices in their heads hadn’t gone away,  and now they’re looking for someone to blame.

It never occurs to them to think that happiness, like love, isn’t something that just happens to you. You have to choose to be happy and create the conditions within your own circumstances that allow you to be happy. No politician and no government can do that for you. And love, for that matter, is something two people choose to create, not something that just gets handed to you.

Sometimes, you can get what you want and still not be happy.

Sometimes, you can get what you want and still not be happy.

H/T: Teh Ghey Patriot


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