Under Socialism, It’s All Everybody Else’s Fault

Left-wingers have figured out who to blame for the Binghamton Massacre. It’s the fault of the NRA, talk-radion, conservative representative Michelle Bachmann, and… well, everyone who to the right of Che Guevara (The definition of irony would be a left-wing idiot in a Che shirt denouncing gun violence.)

Who isn’t responsible? Teh shooter, of course. People can never be held responsible for their actions, especially minority peoples. The socialists and bureaucrats who implemented New York’s strict gun laws and deprived those inside of the means of self-defense… they’re not responsible, because they suppsedly had good intentions. The cops who arrived on the scene within two minutes but waited outside for an hour before moving in, they’re not responsible, they’re unionized public employees. (I mean, isn’t the logic of the left-wing anti-gun fanatics based on the idea that we don’t need guns for self-defense because the cops will protect us?)

Guns don't kill, conservatives expressing their opinions kill.

Guns don't kill, conservatives expressing their opinions kill.



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2 responses to “Under Socialism, It’s All Everybody Else’s Fault

  1. joe hill

    stop the socialism tirade when you know so little about political science…
    guns kill…nuts easily get guns in America. 90% of guns used by Mexican drug gangs come from America so what does that tell you about getting hold of guns…
    ps: have you ever served your country, had guns etc, in the military?

  2. The myth about 90% of the guns used in Mexico coming from the USA has already been debunked:


    As for the rest of your hackneyed talking points, little-letter-person, there has never been a mass shooting at a gun show or an NRA convention; which sort of goes to prove that guns are not the problem.

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