Chairman Zero Against Sovereignty

Toe-sucking pervert Dick Morris observes that Chairman Zero has repealed the Declaration of Independence, and is seeking to diminish sovereignty in favor of Global Governance; placing the USA under the dictates of UN Climate Control measures, international banking regulations, and probably the International Criminal Court, so that American soldiers defending our country can be tried by the socialist European courts.

Sovereignty becomes an issue when an unreconstructed Maoist becomes president and appoint nominees to the State Department who thinks American Constitutional Rights are an impediment to global government.

“Our exceptional free speech tradition can cause problems abroad, as, for example, may occur when hate speech is disseminated over the Internet.” The Supreme Court “can moderate these conflicts by applying more consistently the transnationalist approach to judicial interpretation”

Translation: In any conflict between American Constitutional rights and transnational interests, transnational interests must prevail.

The alternative to American Sovereignty is American subjugation to the corrupt, despotic United Nations; and organization that rapes children, lionizes terrorists, and puts the worst human rights abusers in the world on the Human Rights Council. Or, if not the UN, subjugation to the corrupt, power-hungry Eurocrats of the EU or any other organization.

The American System may not be perfect, but it’s far superior to any alternative anyone has so far come up with.

"The American president capitulates completely... excellent!"

"The American president capitulates completely... excellent!"


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