More “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” Media Marxism

The New York Waste-of-Times sure does love them some unions. Why, even when economic times are tough, employers should still gladly grant unions all the pay and benefits they deserve, because it’s good for business and good for the economy. That was precisely what they wrote endorsing Card Check legislation back in 2008.

The argument against unions — that they unduly burden employers with unreasonable demands — is one that corporate America makes in good times and bad, so the recession by itself is not an excuse to avoid pushing the [card-check] bill next year. The real issue is whether enhanced unionizing would worsen the recession, and there is no evidence that it would.

There is a strong argument that the slack labor market of a recession actually makes unions all the more important. Without a united front, workers will have even less bargaining power in the recession than they had during the growth years of this decade, when they largely failed to get raises even as productivity and profits soared. If pay continues to lag, it will only prolong the downturn by inhibiting spending.

Yesterday, the New York Waste-of-Times told unionized Boston Globe employees to take cuts or they’ll shut it down.

Cluesless Hypocrisy--- It's what the left-wing media does best.

Cluesless Hypocrisy--- It's what the left-wing media does best.


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