Once again, Democrats disenfranchise military voters. But aside from disenfranchising them, gutting the defense budget, encouraging our enemies that we’ll surrender if our enemies kill enough of them, and telling them they’re all idiot dupes of a conspiracy to enrich Dick Cheney, and calling them rapists, Democrats really do support the troops.

Idiot Democrat Congresswoman Soils Herself  in Terror at the Sight of a Teabag. The tea-party movement will soon be labeled domestic terrorists.

Clinton’s favorite punk fundraiser and Global Crossing millionaire Terry McAuliffe demonstrates once again that Democrats have no frakkin’ sense of humor.

Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers denies that she is mentally ill.  Well, that’s a relief. Courtney Love was starting to get concerned.

NYT Editor: Saving the NY Waste-of-Times is a “high-minded cause” like saving Darfur.  But maybe Bill Keller has a point. Without the New York Times, the only way to leak our precious national security secrets will be through the internet. And the net has no credibility with our enemies! And where will we go to get our unsubstantiated gossip about John McCain’s affairs? Will Darfur provide that? Not likely.


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