Our Reality and Theirs

A left-winger on Moonbattery asks:

I am interested in how people chose [sic] which reality to believe.

Basically, the starting point for this is the left-wing concept of deconstruction, which says that there is no objective reality, only competing perspectives. That  there is a right-wing Christian reality, and a separate latte-sipping faculty-lounge leftist reality.

And the proper to response to this is “Horseshit. There is an objective reality, and it’s the same for everybody. If I throw my body in front of a speeding Kenilworth, I get knocked dead no matter what my belief system is. The right-winger sees reality as something that has to be understood. The left-winger sees reality as something malleable that can be molded to suit their desires.

Leftists determine what to believe based on a poll of their liberal fellow travelers; Group Consensus. Or maybe they see a movie where Ben Affleck plays a sympathetic anarchist, or tilt their heads and nod approvingly with whatever Jon Stewart is smirking about on The Daily Show. We on the right are more likely to put what we are told to believe by the media and politicians into the context of our personal experience and common sense.

Example: The MSM tells us: “Islam is a religion of peace, and has nothing to do with terrorism.”

Our experience says: “If that’s true, why is Iran, a country run entirely by Islamic clerics, the leading terrorist state on planet Earth. Also, the people who flew the planes into the WTC, the people who blew up the trains in London, the people who strap bombs to their kids in the Palestinian Areas are all screaming ‘Allahu Akhbar’ while they do it… and you’re trying to make us believe there’s no connection.”

Example: The MSM tells us: “Carbon dioxide emissions will doom the Earth!”

Our Common Sense says: “If that’s true, why aren’t you guys giving up your private jets? And isn’t it true only 3% of total greenhouse gases are produced by human activity? And hasn’t climate change occurred throughout geological history with or without human activity?”

Example: The MSM tells us: “Democrats are wise masters of government. They raise your taxes, but they spend them wisely, and prosperity results.”

Our Common Sense says: “Have you ever been to Detroit?”

For all their supposed devotion to “putting science in its rightful place,” the left really does seem to believe that physical reality will bend to their political will.

That deconstructionist crap may work in Imaginationland, but in the real world... not so much.

That deconstructionist crap may work in Imaginationland, but in the real world... not so much.


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