Sarah Palin’s Debbie Frisch Problem

Debbie Frish is something of a legend in deranged moonbat circles. She is most notorious for threatening the two year old son of Protein Wisdom blogger Jeff Goldstein. More recently, she has gone on to destroy herself in a spectacular fit of self-immolation.

Alaska governor Sarah Palin is also being stalked by a deranged obsessed leftist feminist blogger. Linda Kellen Biegel, a Democrat who blogs under the name “Celtic Diva,” is an Anchorage blogger devoted full-time to the cause of harassing Sarah Palin, most recently filing an “ethics complaint” because Governor Palin dared to wear “Arctic Cat” outerwear during winter in Alaska.  So far, Palin has had to spend a half million dollars defending herself against these idiot charges.

By that same logic, Obama should be brought up on ethics charges for all the free publicity he brings to the TelePrompter corporation.

The Left are enthusiastic supporters of legal harassment of those they don’t agree with.  Ask the Prop-8 supporters in California who are being harassed by militant gays or hounded out of their jobs.  Harassment and intimidation are time-honored tactics of the Fascist left.

I'd keep a close eye on Trig if I were you.

I'd keep a close eye on Trig if I were you.


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One response to “Sarah Palin’s Debbie Frisch Problem

  1. It’s disgraceful. I don’t understand why these charges aren’t thrown out of court.

    We can’t get the courts to force Obama to prove that he’s qualified to be POTUS, but Sarah Palin can be bankrupted by frivolous lawsuits? Something is very wrong, here.

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