Obumblef-ck Takes His Bumblef-ckery to the Mexican Border

Chairman Zero is sending 100 federal agents to reinforce the Mexican border. Whoopty-Freakin-Doo. That’s one agent for every 20 miles of border.

It gets better… by which I mean worse… The agents aren’t going down there to help keep Mexican drug gangs out of the USA, they’re not going to combat the spate of kidnappings and home invasions that are terrorizing El Paso, Phoenix, and San Diego. They’re not going down there to keep things from Mexico from coming over here, they’re trying to stop things from here from going to Mexico.

[T]he Department of Homeland Security will target criminal groups involved in smuggling US currency to the cartels.

ATF will meanwhile send 100 agents to the US-Mexico border within 45 days to bolster its efforts to crack down on the flow of smuggled arms from the United States to Mexico.

Because the mantra of the Obamunists is “blame America first,” all the violence in Mexico must be our fault, and the only answer is to crack down on Americans. Targeting American arms dealers is misdirected, but it fits in with the agenda of the Neo-Marxists in Chairman Zero’s regime.

Now, who would have an interest in destabilizing the government of a large country located on the borders of the United States? Who has made a cottage industry of fomenting and supporting regional insurgencies? Who would benefit most from the collapse of a central American oil-producing country.

Could it be… SATAN!

Future Democrat Voters, ACORN Welcomes You

Future Democrat Voters, ACORN Welcomes You


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