Obamunists Outraged That Some Democrats Still Care (a Little) About Fiscal Sanity

The Neo-Marxist Campaign for America’s Future is Up in Arms because some “Blue Dog” Democrats, like Indiana Senator Evan Bayh and North Carolina Congressman Heath Shuler, are opposed to Chairman Zero’s schemes to install Euro-Socialism and triple the national debt to Banana Republic Levels.

Here’s the kind of common sense that the Neo-Marxists Object to…

  • “’Families and businesses are tightening their belts to make ends meet—and Washington should too.’ [Wall Street Journal] This is simply wrongheaded…” say the Neo-Marxists. Government must always grow, no matter what.
  • “Blue Dog complaints about Obama’s health care reform, energy “cap-and-trade” initiative, and tax provisions are little more than fronts for the wealthy special interests.” – The special interests being those of millions of Americans who don’t want government bureaucrats rationing health care and raising their taxes to pay for it. The special interests being the four million Americans who would lose their jobs under cap and trade and the millions more who would see energy costs double.
  • “Obamanomics finally reverses and repudiates the economic philosophy that has dominated America since 1981…” Well, actually they agree with that, because they want an eend to tax cuts and prosperity.

At the heart of this is the neo-Marxist Mantra that it’s wrong for Americans to consume 25% of global resources with only 5% of the population. The American standard of living must decline by 80% to align with Global norms. This is what Obama, and his neo-Marxist cabal, actually believe. And anyone who stands in the way of their grand design is a gusano, an enemy of the party.

Break the New New Deal, Face the Wheel

Break the New New Deal, Face the Wheel

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  1. EehuE

    Ah, thanks for the laugh. Very funny.

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