Aside from the Echoes of Fascism, There Are Other Problems with Chairman Zero’s “Obama Youth” Scheme

Gateway Pundit posted on the Obama Youth proposal fudging its way through the lower digestive tract of Congress. And the comment thread quickly numbered into the 400s. Apparently, this is a very big deal to the left.

While I am sure Chairman 0 is enamored of the idea of millions of community organizers going forth in his own image to spread his socialist gospel, and there are definite echoes of the Hitler Youth, KOMSOMOL, and the Young Pioneers in this endeavor (apparently, there will be uniforms), that’s not the angle I want to attack this from.

What I want to comment on is the attitude of the leftist commenters at Gateway Pundit, and how dumb this program actually is. One theme that repeated in among leftist comments was the trademark Leftist hatred of people: (e.g. the refrain of “Kids are fat lazy and selfish!”) Never mind the large numbers of kids who are just great, to the left, there is always something wrong with *you.* *You* need to be fixed. The concept of, “You’re groovy just the way you are, baby” is much more common on the right.

And furthermore, the thing that needs to fix you is government. This is the great delusion of the left. Face it, anyone who thinks bureaucrats forcing kids into volunteer work is going to change any attitudes doesn’t know jack about human nature. My kids’ high school has, or had, a community service requirement.  Most kids met it by throwing parties, taking up a collection at the party, and turning it over to their class’s prom committee. That’s what one of my kids did. They gave him an award for it. How stupid is that?

There are motivated kids out there who do good work. One kid in my church is collecting sports equipment to give to an inner city middle school. It’s his Eagle Scout Project. Another kid built bus shelters for his Eagle Scout project. These kids did these projects because they were motivated to do so, not because some bureaucrat ordered them to.

Which brings us to the third point, the stupidity of spending $6Billion on a “volunteer” program in an era of trillion dollar deficits.  Community organizations like the Boy Scouts, like churches already exist for kids who want to volunteer. This is six billion we don’t need to spend. (Although I’m sure left-wing groups are salivating at the prospect of having Uncle Sucker pay their staffing costs).

In sum, we have a program that smells of fascism, that we don’t need, that won’t work, and that costs too damn much. It is, in other words, the Obama Regime in a nutshell.

Коммунисти́ческий сою́з молодёжи!!

Коммунисти́ческий сою́з молодёжи!! Uncle Soetero Wants You to Serve the Motherland! Glorious Rainbows!



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3 responses to “Aside from the Echoes of Fascism, There Are Other Problems with Chairman Zero’s “Obama Youth” Scheme

  1. Funny. My son, through Scouting, has learned to love going out and doing park clean-ups, visiting assisted-living homes, collecting food, etc.

    If they want to funnel $6 billion, I am open to receive.

    Just sayin’.


  2. Susan

    Sean, like you my sons were boy scouts, but I nor the government spent 6 billion to get their badges… My question is when does a “volunteer” program stops being a volunteer alternative? These allocation of funds are ridiculous. We have lost world standing. Russia, China (who owns us), Iran, Venezuela, Korea, and most of Europe feel that Obama is an incompetent coward they need not fear. World wide Obama is being ridiculized and nobody cares. I didn’t like Bush, but at least with him we were not openly attacked because they knew that Bush would retaliate back and we were safe. I don’t feel safe anymore…

  3. The Statists are out in full force doing damage control for Barry Nobama. If it’s not his inability to give a speech without a TelePrompter, it’s major issues like this that the Left is either casting aside criticism of it by calling us “paranoid” or by blaming America (gotta do what ya do best). The Left can never let the individual decide whether or not to volunteer his time or money to help others (which more conservatives do than liberals according to recent studies), they must be “forced”. Forced servitude. Hmmm….. wasn’t that tried already here in this county a while ago?

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