Climate Idiots with Money

OK, this is just plain stupid.

The state’s largest private foundation, McKnight is joining forces with other large U.S. foundations, including the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, in pledging more than $1 billion to prevent climate change.

They might as well spend $1 Billion to prevent continental drift, or prevent the Earth from tilting on its axis. Climate is not static, you dumb trust fund f–ks! You think you can control the Earth’s temperature the way you set the air conditioning in your Gulfstream IV? What are you going to do? Pass a resolution demanding that the sun reduce its radiative output?

Idiots. Complete head-up-their-anuses idiots.

God save us from stupid people with trust funds.

God save us from stupid people with trust funds.



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2 responses to “Climate Idiots with Money

  1. Thing is, are these people too stupid to check weather patterns for themselves and just listen to what the Goracle tells them too, or do they want in on the scam that is “Global Warmi…” err.. I mean…”Climate Change”?

  2. ob1medic

    let’s hope sacrificing virgins to prevent global warming doesn’t become the standard again… Where are we going to get virgins?

    I guess we have come further than that… I just read of the “born again virgin” movement where they surgically make women “virgin like” again. let’s find these idiots and throw them into the volcano and sell it to the greenies as a two fold solution to climate change. We’re doing something about global warming and reducing CO2 emissions at the same time!!!

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