Challenge Question: Are There Any Smart People in Chairman O’s Administration?

Can anyone name one smart, competent, ethical person in Chairman Zero’s Administration?

I suggest Robert Gates. After that, I got nothin’

VP Joe Biden — Buffoonish Moron

SecState Hillary Clinton — From giving China a pass on human rights, to the infamous “Reset” button that didn’t’ say “Reset,” to her condescending comments about European Democracy, she’s a wide-hipped clown in an ugly pantsuit.

SecTreas Tim Geither — Cheats on his Taxes, then Goes After AIG Execs for Taking the Bonuses He Approved for Them, and still has no bank rescue plan and 17 empty key advisory positions.

PressSec Robert Gibbs — A Buffoonish moron who picks fights with talk-show hosts and bumbles his way painfully through questions.

Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel — Corrupt Prick who picks fights with talk-show hosts and tried to hijack the census count, before deciding to appoint a crony as CommerceSec and let ACORN run the census.

DHSSec Janet Napolitano — Says there’s no such thing as terrorist acts, they call them “man-made disasters” now, and halts enforcement of immigration laws.

AttyGen Eric Holder — When not race-baiting about the insensitivities of white people is busily trying to figure out how to unloose terrorists from custody at Gitmo. He’s somewhat of an expert on freeing terrorists, having secured pardons for FMLN terrorists under Clinton (when not pushing for the Marc Rich pardon.)

And rounding out the list, Helen Solis (tax liens, conflicts of interest, Amnesty diva), Roy LaHood (Porktaculous Transportation Secretary), Kathleen Sebelius (Free-spending abortion queen who left her state with a billion dollar deficit), Ken Salazar (shuts down domestic energy production, oil price rebounds instantly).

Competent, Ethical Obama Administration Officials are only Slightly Less Common Than Those Unicorns we were promised

Competent, Ethical Obama Administration Officials are Slightly Less Common Than Unicorns

And the panel is stumped


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