The Progressive Movement’s Disastrous Track Record

A post at the GayPatriot blog got me to thinking.Why is it “progressivism” means progressively higher taxes, progressively more state control, and progressively less individual freedom. Mankind’s journey had been, up until the progressive movement, a gradual toward individual liberty and away from authoritarian control. The Progressive movement is an abrupt reversal of that trend.

The other part of this to consider is progressivism’s track record of failure, often disastrous failure, in its attempts at social engineering.

Progressive industrial policies — unionism, the Wagner Act, overzealous regulation — have devastated the manufacturing base in the USA.

Progressive social policies — the welfare state — have devastated the family structure of vulnerable minorities. The Progressive idea that insanity was a lifestyle choice led to de-institutionalization of the severely dysfunctional, who became the homeless.

Progressive attitudes on sexuality have similarly damaged the broader social fabric and, ironically, made women more sexually objectified than before the sexual revolution.

Progressive education policies — the triumph of self-esteem over actual learning — have made our public schools the most expensive and worst performing in the industrialized world. Applied to post-colonial Africa, progressive policies have given the world Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe.

Most recently, progressive policies applied to credit and mortgage lending — i.e. the socialization of credit risks for political purposes — have been an economic disaster.

All things considered, any policy advocated by the progressive left should be treated skeptically.

Listening to Progressives, so far, not such a good idea

Listening to Progressives, so far, not such a good idea


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