Hollywood Socialist Offers Financial Advice to Wal-Mart

Idiot leftist Jane Hamsher from the Firedoglake blog lectures WalMart management that the secret to success is to unionize their workforce, and pay them more to do less work:

…increased wages for working people would mean “increased spending power of lower income consumers,” which would mean that even if Wal-Mart was successfully unionized — a big if — they could make up the cost of higher wages with an increase in sales.

Because that whole deal worked out so brilliantly for GM, Ford and Chrysler.  Have you noticed how “public,” meaning “government-run”  has become a synonym for “inferior?” (e.g. Public schools, public toilets, public housing, public transportation.)  There’s a cause and effect relationship there.

Hamsher should stick to making crude photoshops of Joe Liberman in blackface. But instead, she is part of a team of radical left bloggers teaming with radical left union activists to move the already Marxist Democrat party even further to the left.

Considering the Democrat Party is already out to nationalize health care, banking, and energy… is already trying to eliminate the secret ballot in union organizing … is already pursuing a radical environmental agenda aimed at shutting down domestic energy production and driving industry to foreign countries… how far left is left enough for these people?

Any enterprise that has been too seccussful risks socialist intervention to correct the problem of success.

Any enterprise that has been too succcessful risks socialist intervention to correct the problem.

 From: Teh Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid


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