Ultimate Backfire

Since Chairman Zero’s Administration has declared Rush Limbaugh “People’s Enemy No. 1,” his radio listenership has increased by 11 million people.

So why would the most powerful man in the world go after a talk-show host to begin with? Mostly, to distract the public from the corruption, failures, and radicalism of his agenda. But also because, emotionally, leftists are stuck in middle school. Forget your Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals, the attacks on Rush are pure middle school behavior: Pick out one kid and gang up on him so you and your friends feel superior.

Which is why lefties don’t attack what Rush says, (e.g. “Socialism has failed every where it’s been tried.”) but they make juvenile attacks based on:

  • Physical appearance (“Rush is a fat, old white guy”)
  • Social status (“Rush doesn’t have a college degree”)
  • Malicious gossip about past misdeeds (“Rush is a drug addict”)
  • Placing him as an outsider. (“M0st Americans love Obama and hate Rush. You’re not one of the cool kids if you don’t hate Rush, too.”)

Rush won because he didn’t do what the popular kids wanted him to do. He didn’t run home crying and lock himself in his room. He didn’t renounce his principles and beg for their acceptance. He stood up to the middle school bullies, he beat them, and 11 million more Americans are learning the truth. This can’t be good for Dear Leader.

Rush is laughing at your "superior" intellect.

Rush is laughing at your "superior" intellect.



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