Everything’s a Right, Nowadays

The left has a dangerous affinity for turning what they desire into a “right.” And then declaring that right to be absolute. I see this frequently when leftists argue for a “right” to health care, or an education, or housing, or clean air, or jobs. And the thing about these “rights” they are demanding is that they can only be fulfilled at the expense of other people. You can’t get health care unless a doctor is forced to provide it to you. You can’t get a house unless someone builds it for you. Unlike the enumerated rights of free speech, freedom to exercise religion, freedom to bear arms… the rights the left are demanding always come at the expense of some other person’s freedom.

In the care of gay marriage, that which must be taken away is all traditional cultural norms of marriage and family. The willingness of the Anti-Prop 8 side to embrace the complete abolition of marriage as an acceptable outcome is evidence of the real agenda at work here.

Just as socialism has never led to economic prosperity, no culture has ever survived the degree of self-absorption and narcissism in America today. The activists really don’t care what the consequences are for society, so long as they advance their self-centered agenda.

Being "Butt Buddies" Just Isn't Good Enough

Being 'Butt Buddies' just isn't good enough for some people.


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