I Love a Good Troll Smackdown!

Your Girly Leftist Talking Points Are No Match for Mighty Righty!

Your Girly Leftist Talking Points Are No Match for Mighty Righty!

It all started when Gateway Pundit posted an article about the latest smear campaign against Sarah Palin, with whom the left is still obsessed months after the election.

It soon attracted a Palin-hating leftist, who was still obsessed with hating Sarah Palin, months after the election:

I would hope that if I were to have a daughter she would NEVER look to Sarah Palin as a role model. She is what women have been fighting against for ages. – Kristin | 03.05.09 – 12:46 pm |

And it was on.

What Women? N.O.W. Code Pink?
Elric66 | 03.05.09 – 12:48 pm | #

She is exactly the role model I want for my daughter. Exactly.Kristen, wow. What role model would you choose?
olm | 03.05.09 – 12:52 pm | #

So Kristin answered with a string of dishonest left-wing cliches and ad hominem attacks delivered as a shrill condescending rant.

I would choose anyone with an actual education. [Typical Leftist Elitism]
From the political arena I think Hillary Clinton, Dr. Jill Biden,Benazir Bhutto, Condoleezza Rice, Michelle Obama and Claire McCaskill are all educated, well spoken women that I respect. [A woman who got where she is by sticking with philandering husband, another woman who married power, a communist, a token Republican, a narcissistic racial grievance mongerer who married power, and a classless bitch who spit in Mitt Romney’s earpiece]
From other arenas, I respect Toni Morrison, Ellen Degeneres, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Gloria Steinem, Princess Diana, Jane Goodall.

[4 Ditzy entertainers, a decrepit feminist fossil, a dead airhead, and a pop-scientist].
ANY one of these would be better that Ms. Palin.
She advocates taking away a wonam’s right to choose, she (through supportingabstinence-only teaching) does not empower young women to make responsible decisions concerning thier bodies and their sexual health. She has not supported Universal Healthcare or assistance for mothers and thier children.
She has appeared stupid, uneducated, and embarrassingly unprepared for every public appearance that she has made.
I would prefer any daughter of mine at least be able to name 1 or 2 publications that she reads. I would also prefer that her main credentials not be former beauty queen and sports anchor for the local podunk news.
Kristin | 03.05.09 – 1:14 pm | #

Her weak but revealing leftist salvos were no match for the awesome firepower of the engaged minds of the right. Darwin summarizes.

Look how hysterical the so-called feminists reacted to Palin. Just broadcasting Palin’s life story is a threat … she doesn’t have to run for anything.
She’s an inspiration and a testament to what real feminism is … they don’t want to lose their power grip and be revealed for what they really are.
darwin | 03.05.09 – 1:16 pm | #

Ever notice that it all comes down to abortion?
Elric66 | 03.05.09 – 1:16 pm | #

Kristin is immediately reduced to sputtering, insults, and affirming the point that… yeah, for the feminist left, it really is all about abortion.

Gravatar She advocates taking away a wonam’s right to choose
Kristin | 03.05.09 – 1:14 pm | #
She’s a moron. Everyone knows it. She is IRRELEVANT now, thankfully!
Kristin | 03.05.09 – 1:18 pm | #

Kristin gets smacked around righteously, and challenged on her abortion position which is the usual leftist weasel maneuver “I’m not pro-abortion, but I think women should have the choice.” (Which is what pro-abortion means.) Gina sums up Kristin’s ignorance nicely:

“Kristin”: Are you a bot, randomly spouting and then repeating regurgitated liberal attack lines?

If you’re so educated and informed, you should know that Palin went on public record *in support of* comprehensive sex education.

She actually runs a state. But you respect talk show hosts. Gotcha! Tells us all we really need to know.
Gina | 03.05.09 – 1:36 pm | #

Then, in a flanking maneuver, two of our forces break off and begin attacking the psychological underpinnings of Kristin’s rabid Palin-hatred.

Gravatar She is what women have been fighting against for ages.
Kristin | 03.05.09 – 12:46 pm | #

And just how do you figure that? She’s a wife, a mother, has a full, satisfying career, seems secure in her own skin and happy with her life. What’s the problem? Is it, perhaps, that she doesn’t play the “victim” and act out the “poor, repressed, oppressed little me” cards as the popular “feminists do? Don’t you like it that she speaks out against the oppression of women in islam – unlike the uber-feminazis?

Your hypocrisy is showing, dear. And it’s certainly not attractive.
Solaratov | 03.05.09 – 2:13 pm | #

” I would also prefer that her main credentials not be former beauty queen and sports anchor for the local podunk news.”

And we come to the root of the matter. Sarah is pretty. And Sarah was popular. And Sarah was one of the jocks. I am thinking Kristin spends a lot of time wearing a coat and hanging around in hallways.
Gregory of Yardale | Homepage | 03.05.09 – 2:18 pm | #

Kristin does not even attempt to justify her elitism, her name-calling, or her choice of talk show hosts as better role models than a woman of genuine accomplishment. Instead, she reaches into the leftist playbook and changes the subject to an impassioned defense of socialized health care.When confronted that what she is proposing is to confiscate the earnings of productive healthy people to provide health care to unhealthy, unproductive people, Kristin makes a completely nonsensical statement.

I never said EVERYONE should be forced to have health care. I believe that a basic form of health care should be OFFERED to everone.
Kristin | 03.05.09 – 2:17 pm

Yeah, and that “basic form of health care” is made possible by confiscating the taxes of productive people, but Kristin ignores that. She ignores the explanation that market reforms would bring costs down and responds that since her Obamassiah is now in office, research grants to cure cancer will now be “pleniful” (sic).

As her talking points are dispatched easily, Kristin launches a hysterical salvo in the debate includes ALLCAPS and an elongated modifier, which is what leftists use in place of logic.

You guys acre so much about an aborted fetus, but that care stops the minute it is born. SOOOOO hypocritical!
Kristin | 03.05.09 – 2:38 pm | #

Thus reaffirming her obsession with abortion. She also asserts that health care is a “right.” When challenged to identify that “right” in the Constitution, she replies that human rights don’t have to be in the Constitution because she and her fellow socialists just know they’re there, and anyone who disagrees is an “idiot.”

I believe it is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT, which is so obvious to me and millions of others that it need not be spelled out for all the other idiots.
Kristin | 03.05.09 – 2:48 pm | #

She then justifies her insults, name-calling, and bad spelling skills by claiming that the people she has just spent over an hour arguing with aren’t worthy of good argument.

I don’t care what you think about how I speak. I speak in a ugly fashion to those who are too ignorant and too redneck and bible-thumping to know any better. Kristin | 03.05.09 – 2:45 pm | #

To this, she is owed congratulations. And they are given.

What an amazing revelation- Kristin you have spouted the 999th and 1000th liberal talking point of the day- that Conservatives don’t like to fund stuff (especially health care and education) and the grandest of all- ignorant and too redneck and bible-thumping! Ha! That is precious. Trish | 03.05.09 – 2:54 pm |

Challenged as to how much “the rich” should be taxed, Kristin once again weasels out because she’s unprepared to back up a talking point with anything solid or confirmable.

They should pay an appropriate portion of their paycheck like everyone else. They SHOULD NOT be enjoying tax cuts, getting richer. I’ll leave an exact quote of how much that should be to economists, congress, and the IRS.
Kristin | 03.05.09 – 2:55 pm |

Ah, that envy thing again. If Kristin can’t be attractive, popular, and successful… then, dammit, no one else can be either.

And the socialist health care debate continues.

Given the state of Medicare, Medicade and social security, what gives you confidence that the government can run “universal healthcare” efficiently? Elric66 | 03.05.09 – 3:05 pm | #

Kristin answers with the socialist cliche that now that the right people are in charge the system will work. Challenged that the government would be making life or death decisions, Kristin responds with an answer that reveals the real depth of her ignorance.

No, I want a PHYSICIAN to make life and death decisions. The PHYSICIAN should be PAID by the government. It’s really very simple.
Kristin | 03.05.09 – 3:17 pm | #

The silly, stupid git doesn’t realize that under socialist health care, the PHYSICIAN is not just paid by the government, he is a bureaucrat for the government and subject to government rules and edicts. And when that is explained to her, she claims to have “friends” from the UK and Canada who love their health care. Isn’t it funny how unnamed, anonymous friends always come to the aid of leftists who are losing an argument?

Late in the debate, Tom W fires off this gem:

Sarah Palin is what women have been fighting against for ages? Where, in Iran? Saudi Arabia? Tom W. | 03.05.09 – 3:29 pm | #

Kristin’s hysterical jihad against normal people is summed up in this post after someone points out that families and social networks should be the primary safety net, not government.

What about those who have no family, friends, or church. Some people are alone in this world, or have family that can’t support them. Also, not everyone is a bible-thumping jesus freak, so they don’t have a child molesting mega-church to give them money for their expensive medications or medical care.
Kristin | 03.05.09 – 4:29 pm | #

One has to wonder if she is even aware of the ugliness and hatred she is spewing at this point. She clearly hates people who have normal healthy social and spiritual relationships. One also wonders how much of the left are really like this.

And that’s where she leaves it. She spouts off a few paranoid cliches about the Bush Administration “spying on her” then disappears back behind the drywall she skittered out from. She’s not been educated, she’s still an ignorant leftist. But we have reinforced each other’s opinions, and will be stronger against the next troll.



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2 responses to “I Love a Good Troll Smackdown!

  1. Good post, V. When it comes to the “right to kill unborn babies”, liberals always look the other way. Even if it’s a psuedo Republican like Bob Packwood who gave Clinton a run for his money when it came to chasing interns and sexual harassment.

  2. I could use some lib smashers at Nice Deb on this post:


    One very dim bulb in particular is begging to be schooled.

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