Commies Love Chairman Zero, Hate Giving Their Own Money to Charity

Glenn Beck Reports on a speech give by a Leader of an American Political Party Praising Obama:

I was standing on the Washington mall on inauguration day alongside nearly two million other people and proudly watched the first African-American take the oath of office in our nation’s history. … The transfer of power from Bush to President Obama not only tore down a barrier that once was thought near impenetrable but also signified the fading away of one era and the beginning of another.

An era of progressive change is within reach, no longer an idle dream. Just look at the lay of the hand. A friend of labor and its allies sit in the White House. Larger Democratic majorities control congress. A feeling of renewal and hope is in the air.

Could be anyone, right? Harry Reid. Nancy Pelosi. Barney Frank. The New York Times Editorial Page. It’s entirely in line with any of their speeches/diatribes. And the article goes on to praise Chairman Zero’s agenda to maximize abortions, pull out of Iraq, turn against Israel, enact Card Check, develop Draconian environmental standards, raise taxes on “the wealthy,” socialize health care and everything else a typical Democrat would support.

Except that the person who wrote those words of praise to Chairman Zero, who rejoiced that they now had a president who was 100% on board with their agenda… was Sam Webb, the Chairperson for the Communist Party of America.

So, Glenn Beck invited Sam Webb, the Chairperson for the Communist Party of America. onto his show for an interview.

So, this little weasel comes on his show. First, he denies saying that Chairman Zero is a socialist, then he denies calling him an ally. Later, he attacks the wealthy for being “pigs at the trough.” And when Glenn challenges him on it by asking the Commie Leader how much he gives to charity, the Commie Leader proudly admits he gives a generous $500 a year… to his own communist newspaper. That’s a commie’s idea of charity. And then this communist twerp laughs at Glenn for giving 20% of his income to real charities. Challenged to name a communist country that works, the Chairperson of the CPUSA can’t. Challenged with the bloody history of Communism (100,000,000 dead in the 20th Century), he simpers, “Well, I don’t believe in that.”

Then, the commie steals Glenn’s water.

Cheap Stingy Communists Make Castro Cry.

Cheap Stingy Communists Make Castro Cry.


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