Obama Wants You to Live Like a Mexican

Economic decline is not a bug to the Neo-Marxists in the Obama Administration, it’s a feature.

In the view of the Neo-Marxists, the American middle-class is too fat and too happy. Their McMansions clutter the landscape, their SUV’s crowd the roads, their boats crowd the marinas, their vacations crowd the resorts, and they’ve turned air travel from an elite activity to a bus ride.

This must not be allowed to stand, in their opinion. They want the American middle class brought down. They want the trappings of elitism… large cars, air travel, resort vacations… to be reserved for the elites: college professors, lawyers, and old money. They can’t stand the messiness of freedom, and they can’t stand that people they don’t think deserve prosperity seem to succeed at getting it.

Their tax, tort, and regulatory policies are designed to discourage entrepreneurship. They have declared war on McDonald’s because an investor with a few McDonald’s restaurants can become prosperous. But their big hammer now is environmentalism.

Prosperity… we are lectured … is destroying the Earth. Automobiles must be smaller, or better yet banned and replaced with mass transit. Air travel must be restricted. Coal power plants that produce cheap abundant energy must be banned. Houses must be smaller… or, better yet… stack everyone like firewood in high-rise towers.

The Neo-Marxists are seeking global economic egalitarianism. The average American should have a lifestyle no better than the average Mexican, Chinese, or Egyptian.

But, of course, the Kennedies, the Gores, the Obamas, the Huffingtons… they will keep their jets, they will keep their manor homes, they will keep their SUV’s. And when they’ve impoverished the rest of us, they’ll have the marinas, the resorts, and the airports all to themselves.

Which is exactly what they want.

Save the world, be poor!

Save the world, be poor!


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