New York State’s War on Catholicism

New York’s Democrat controlled legislature is preparing to enact punitive laws against the Catholic Church, while protecting child molesters who work in the public schools.

The Empire State’s Democrats are attacking on three fronts.

  • A proposal to require all hospitals to perform abortions, or lose their state license would put Catholic hospitals out of business.
  • Major funding cuts for Catholic schools by Gov. David Paterson, who continues to force the parochial schools to run state-mandated programs at their own expense.
  • An effort by Democratic lawmakers to abolish the statute of limitations on sex abuse lawsuits against the Church, allowing people to sue over decades-old cases in which the alleged perpetrators are dead.

So, is it somehow less traumatic for a kid to be molested by the never-married PhysEd teacher or the creepy janitor than by Father O’Shaunessy? Or, is this just another “some animals are more equal than others” treatment that comes from Democrat politicians giving special protections to the unionized public employees that regular citizens do not get?

"It's okay, kid. I'm a public schoolteacher."

"It's okay, kid. I'm a New York public schoolteacher."


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