Unionized, Socialized, Obamunized Medicine

Another Socialized Medicine Horrorshow from the UK shows us where Chairman Zero’s $600 Billion Socialized Medicine scheme leads:

A paramedic refused to help a man in agony with a broken back because he was on his lunchbreak, a tribunal was told.

Robert Chambers was approached by the man’s desperate friends as he filled his ambulance with fuel.

To their horror he told them to wait for another ambulance before driving off.

The ambulance crew, which had been on duty for six hours, had been given their half-hour break at 1pm, the hearing was told.

Mr Chambers was approached for help 16 minutes into his break.
But instead of helping the patient, waiting with him until help arrived or clarifying which ambulance was on its way, he simply drove away, the hearing was told.

In another blunder, an ambulance car – which did not have the space or equipment to transport a patient with back injuries – was sent to the scene. It took a further 40 minutes for a proper ambulance to arrive.

Yeah, imagine being sick or injured and having a health care worker, probably a member of the Health Care Workers Union, tell you, “Talk to the hand, I’m on my break.”

The ambulance worker in the UK was subject to a disciplinary review, which we all know is largely meaningless in a socialized, bureaucratized, unionized public work force. The Teacher’s Unions, for example, have made it almost impossible to fire bad teachers even in cases of gross incompetence.

And yet when I tell lefties they will receive the same quality of care under socialized health care as they receive from the Department of Motor Vehicles, they “insist” that the only change will be that “the government” will be paying for the care.

A Taxpayer Prepares for Socialized Health Care

A Taxpayer Prepares for Socialized Health Care

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One response to “Unionized, Socialized, Obamunized Medicine

  1. N/A

    American Health care

    all this government butting in and affordable
    health care for all Americans is total full scale
    Socialized Medicine I am on disability and medicare (I was a preemie, given pure oxygen and am legally blind)I haven’t always been legally blind but that isnother story. I broke my ankle Christmas week 2008, what I had to go through was nothing but socialized what a person in America on medicare goes through to get medical attention is the same as what a person goes through in England I recently watched a news program about health care around the world
    and realized this.
    Ok here is my solution to the problem
    capitalism doesn’t work it only leads to communism and needs to be discarded. What we need is a moral and just economy and job market that among other things pays a living wage.
    If all able bodied Americans could get decent
    jobs that at least payed a minimun living wage
    then we could afford to pay our medical bills
    Doctors don’t work for free they have earned their position and their pay, likewise we the public are not animals we are human beings and should be
    able to work and pay our medical bills
    including medical, eye, and dental our country should have a economy good enough that our workers can afford their medication and pay their medical eye and dental bills without having to beg or neglect their basic health to not be able to do so is just plain wrong are. we are free americans
    not communists and certianly not animals.
    Communism never solves anything, but good jobs and healthy people make a better country

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