Cartman’s Theorem Proven Again

1 in every 4 Americans is a retard.

A recent Rasmussen poll seems to bear this out. According to Rasmussen, 21% of Americans support ACORN’s scheme to resist foreclosure by breaking, entering, and illegally occupying their foreclosed homes. That’s with in the 1-in-4 Americans margin-of-error. Nearly a third of Democrats are retards… but there’s nearly 25% of Republicans that may need to be fitted for crash helmets, too.

Seventy-six percent (76%) of Republicans oppose the ACORN strategy, as do 54% of adults not affiliated with either major political party. Democrats are closely divided, with 31% in favor of resisting the law and 35% opposed.

Some of this can be blamed on the MSM, who have taken great pains to portray ACORN’s poster children as victims instead of thieves who made grossly irresponsible financial decisions. The media have likewise painted all mortgagers … the people who were coerced into giving these deadbeats money… as moustache-twirling robber barons and villains.

I would argue that unquestioning acceptance of the MSM version of any event should make one eligible for a seat on the short bus anyway.


"Yea! ACORN!"



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2 responses to “Cartman’s Theorem Proven Again

  1. Les

    What is the conservatives obession with Acorn? If you do this search, it does not disclose any documents that frauds (

    That is from the Justice Department. No investigations of ACORN equals no significant evidence of fraud

    I want to see real evidence like a government report from GAO or something from the Inspector General before I believe all the stuff I see from ACORN.

  2. ACORN flooding voter registration offices with fraudulent ballots and registering ineligible felons and illegal immigrants to vote is my problem. And why would Chairman Zero’s Justice Department investigate the same band of thugs and sham artists who got him elected?

    I also have a problem with people who demand that those who paid their bills, worked hard, and didn’t over-mortgage themselves bailout those who did. Of course, that’s not just ACORN, that’s the entire Democrat Party.

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