State Budgets Collapse: Underworked, Overpaid Feminazis Hardest Hit

A Women’s Studies Professor in Florida Earns Gets Paid $99,000 a year to teach 43 students. Balks at being asked to teach more classes.

Holy Hell.

At a moment when the University of Florida is slashing its budget and laying off faculty and staff, administrators thought it was reasonable to ask Florence Babb to increase her teaching load to three courses a year. She doesn’t agree.

Babb, an endowed professor and graduate coordinator of UF’s Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, has entered into arbitration proceedings to challenge the increased teaching load. Babb was given an appointment letter in 2004 that said her teaching load would be limited to one course each semester, and now says the university isn’t upholding its written agreement.

OK. First of all, nearly $100K to teach Women’s Studies? What exactly do you do with a Women’s Studies degree? Basically, you can become a professor who teaches Women’s Studies. That’s pretty much it. Why the hell is money being wasted on this?

Never mind getting off your fat lazy lesbian ass and teaching one more group of hairy-legged man-haters every term, it’s absurd that taxpayer money is being wasted on this.

Broader point, Universities have been constructed and designed around a 19th Century template. The University of Florida has over 100 Undergraduate Majors, most of which are useful, some of them (Women’s Studies) are total crap, and others like Graphic Design and Packaging seem more suitable to trade schools or apprentice-type programs. The whole system of paying huge salaries to professors to deliver lectures to a roomful of students is a throwback, and in most cases a waste of money.

Worse, universities duplicate a lot of these stupid programs. U. Florida has a Women’s Studies program. So does Florida State. So does the University of Central Florida.  So does the University of South Florida. The taxpayers would save a fortune if niche programs like these were offered at a single campus, and students from other campuses could study remotely using the internet.

The taxpayers could save enough more money if bullshit waste-of-time programs like Women’s Studies, Gender Studies, African-American Studies, Latino Studies, and all the rest were simply jettisoned entirely.

A Million Women's Studies Programs and Still Nobody Can Figure Them Out

A Million Women's Studies Programs and Still Nobody Can Figure Them Out


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