Everyone Has AIDS! AIDS! AIDS!

High school drama teachers across the country profess to be shocked that parents object to staging “Rent.”

Too provocative, in the view of some high school officials and parents. At least three of the planned high school productions, in California, Texas and West Virginia, have been canceled after administrators or parents raised objections about the show’s morality, its portrayals of homosexuality and theft, and its frank discussions of drug use and H.I.V. … None of these aspects have been altered for the high school version.

Almost every character in ‘Rent’ is either a drug addict or has AIDS or both. Shame on those parents and administrators for not being open-minded enough to applaud a high school musical that glorifies depravity.

Ron Martin, the theater teacher and director here at Corona del Mar High School, found out just how controversial “Rent” can be. It was canceled after he chose the student version for the spring musical, hoping that it would counter what he saw as creeping homophobia on this Orange County campus.

“This is the first time I’ve chosen a show for the high school because I had an agenda,” Mr. Martin said.

Agendas. It’s all about agendas.

What the secular left refuses to acknowledge about the culture war is that the religious right is on defense. We didn’t start this war. The culture was began when evangelical atheists and secularists began using the tools of the state to undermine religious… in particular, Christian, values. Prayer was banned in schools, and replaced by sex education programs that taught mechanics while dismissing morality. The popular media was taken over by trash. Recreational sex was commercialized. Porn became mainstream, with eight-year old girls being sold tank tops that spelled out “Porn Star” in gold glitter.  Religious persons in television and film became broadly stereotyped as hypocrites, or worse.

And it was only when Christians finally stood up and said, “Enough! We don’t want to live surrounded by filth! We don’t want the state indoctrinating our kids with moral relativism!” that we, the Christian Right, became labeled as the aggressors in the culture war. Nothing could be further from the truth. Christians are only fighting back against the use of state power to enforce the secular left’s values, or lack thereof.

Have we honestly reached the point where the people who oppose having high school kids perform a play that celebrates drug use, AIDS, and promiscuous sex are the out-of-touch weirdos of society?

Everyone has AIDS! AIDS! AIDS!

Everyone has AIDS! AIDS! AIDS!

H/T: Moonbattery


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