Liberals Against Liberalism

Liberalism, long, long ago meant an inclination toward open-mindedness, thoughtful deliberation, tolerance, and human freedom.This kind of liberalism gave rise to the American Republic. Open-Mindedness enabled us to explore new ways of self-government and economic self-management. Thoughtful deliberation let us consider carefully what changes needed to be made in order to strive for “a more perfect union.” Tolerance enabled people of different creeds to get along with each other. And freedom empowered individuals to achieve their own destiny.

But at some point between the rise of Marxism and the rise of Baby Boom Generation, the left co-opted liberalism, it killed off all of those traits. Open-mindedness was replaced by the tyranny of political correctness and speech codes. Thoughtful deliberation was replaced by mindless chants like “Yes, we can” and “No on H8.” Tolerance went the way of open-mindedness and worse, people were taught it was okay, even encouraged, to be intolerant toward certain other people; either because they espoused the wrong ideas or because their ancestors had committed some form of injustice against other people’s ancestors.

Worst of all, human freedom was replaced by submission to Marxism, environmentalism, affirmative action, unionism, or any other excuse to diminish the choices available to an individual. Indeed, the so-called liberal left not only opposes the extension of human rights to brown peoples, it regards freedom as the gravest threat to humanity because of slogans that say too much freedom harms the environment or is economically unfair to the less ambitious. With one exception, you’ll still be allowed to bone whoever you want in your bedroom. Once you step outside the bedroom, your every choices will be limited by the state.

Some people think that’s a fair trade.

Before Douchebags Like Rob Reiner Screwed it Up, Liberalism Was a Good Thing

Before Douchebags Like Rob Reiner Screwed it Up, Liberalism Was a Good Thing


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  1. Not much of a comment, but that episode from that image is one of my favorite SP episodes. Well, the end kind of sucked. “Oh no! My precious goo!” Never got that.

    But I agree. Liberalism has become Moonbat Authoritarianism.

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