Spending Ourselves to Prosperity?

The Heritage Foundation on the real Cost of the Porkulus: $233,000 per job created or “saved.” $3.5 Trillion in new Federal debt — $30,000 in new federal debt for every household in America.

But wait, there’s more…

According to Heritage, for this $30,000 in new Federal debt, per household, we also get:

  • $650 million on digital television converter box subsidies for people who were too lazy or stupid to take advantage of the last converter box program. (Can’t have members of the AARP missing their “stories.”)
  • Create more than 30 new federal programs; because right now, the government is too small and doesn’t do enough.
  • Undo the hugely successful 1996 welfare reforms so people like Henrietta Hughes and Peggy the Moocher can return to dignified lives of dependence on government handouts.
The Future Looks Grim

The Future Looks Grim


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